[H]<Grand Theft Dragon>7/8H Inclusive & Supportive Community Raid T/TH 6pm Serv, M+, Arenas, RBG Teams, More!

Who we are

Grand Theft Dragon is focused on building a group of players who prioritize the fun of the game while participating in its many facets, such as raiding, pvp, achievement hunting, transmogging, and leveling. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive community that includes all kinds of people regardless of religion, sexuality, culture, race, etc We are currently 8/8 on Normal with 4/8 on heroic as a full guild with many of our members sitting at 7/8 on heroic with a casual raid on Sundays to push into mythic for some good loot! If the core team is willing we plan to move on to Mythic progression as well. Our raid team will push the content and then as other players become geared and skilled we will rotate them in so everyone has a chance to see and experience the content! When it comes to Arenas and RBGs we have RBG teams and have scheduled Arena/RBG nights with challenges for the teams that participate that evening that reward gold and rare items (tmog/pets/etc). We also have weekly or TMog/Achievement runs of older content! We really do try to have something for everyone to enjoy the game and a guild in a new expansion is a great time to try some new to you content!

What we are looking for

We are looking for like minded people who want to have a good time in game while bringing fun and camaraderie to discord while also being provided an opportunity to help shape the future of the guild and our goal setting as we push into the new expansion!

Raid Times

Tuesday Thursdays at 6pm server, group will form about 30 minutes prior! Raid will run for 3 hours with option to go longer up to the group!

What we expect

Be Kind! Participate in the community, & try to have fun while working on your goals and those of the guild!

More Info

We do frequently participate in other content, old raids, mount farms, achievement hunting, pvp, etc. So in Dragon Flight when we aren’t all busy leveling or raiding there will still be plenty going on to participate in!

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining or just seeing how you’d fit in message me here, in game, on discord (GoForHunter#1770) add me on bnet (GoForHunter#1712) or apply through the guild finder

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Heyo, here’s my info, I’d love to chat about the guild!

Bnet: Bender#1870
Discord: Bender#1504

Since Dragon Flight will be coming out on November 28th and prepatch will likely be late October our recruitment will be stepping up. Please feel free to contact myself or another guild member if interested in joining our ranks!

Bump! Great guild to be apart of.

Bumpalicious definition makes recruiting go loco. Fergie has been stuck in my head all morning. Looking forward to all the new members to come! Reach out to me if you have any questions or interest in joining!

Excellent guild to be a part of, recruiting for raiding, M+, levelling, Old content farming and to create a community that plays other games together as well.

Raid Times Officially Announced!!

Bump! Come join a fantastic guild!

Cant wait for DF Launch tomorrow! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or interest in joining!

Bump up the jam, bump it up

Still recruiting for anyone interested feel free to reach out :smiley: !!!

Bump - Great community - lots of 16-20 Keys being run.

LF Paladin or DK DPS and exceptional ranged DPS for our Heroic Team!