Hey, Blood DKs are still super bugged

Occasionally, I will notice that I cannot spend a rune I have; I have dubbed this a “phantom rune” that must cool-down for an additional 6-8 seconds before I can spend it. I have no clue what causes this.

Another bug I notice quite frequently is Death Strike will heal for half the value it should. Both diseases on the target, it heals for one disease. Incredibly frustrating. This happens with and without the Death Rune Mastery talent. Now that I’ve ruled out DRM as the culprit, my next theory is that it has something to do with the Epidemic talent, or it has to do with using Pestilence to spread diseases to a second target.

BONUS: I’ve had Icy Touch go on cooldown for 22 days once, on Noth. It has only ever happened once.
BONUS PART 2: Last I checked the PTR, Death Strike is healing Dancing Rune Weapon, and not the Death Knight. It should be healing the Death Knight.

Please fix my favorite class thank you

EDIT: Screenshot of back-to-back Death Strikes healing for different values: https://i.imgur.com/ssM6wax.png

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  1. It’s a bug that appears for all dks it’s most likely a visual bug with the runes cooldown, the best would be to record this with open combat log so we can see what abilities you used in what timestamps.
  2. Weird need to check this with more time so with 2 diseases you will sometimes heal like with 1?
  3. Visual bug you can actually use this icy touch
  4. The tooltip is again misleading I believe but nothing new from blizzard the 50% reduced healing is for self death coil on lichborne, this should be answered from someone from blizzard if it’s bug or not.
  5. There are more bugs (that were even in sarthe video) like first hit reduced, dots resisting after drw expires, DRW dropping off the target for healing aggro when it should attack the target with debuff until it dies, they are still not fixed on PTR.