Hey blizzard... can we have backpacks in wow?

I’d be happy to finally see my character equipped with five backpacks. I’ve always wondered how that works. Maybe our bags should just show up on our characters by default, and we should be aloud a “hide backpack(s)” option.

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Poor hunters, forever no love w/ the visible quiver.


Maybe add man-buns and vape pens too. Throw in some tide pods and get these kids set Acti-blizz! cmon theres a whole new age of people to exploit!


what have i done D:!


I want an option to have my wings displayed on my back at all times.

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Remember how hard it was to make the backpack bigger?



I think that’s a cool idea. Every d&d character I’ve ever played had a backpack


and i thank you.

i’d offer you a hug, but i smell like chili fries.

how long (as in working on it) did that actually take exactly?

i mean itsn to liek it was worked on for literally years right?

Like 13~14 years.


I like this idea too. Why not make it only a “cosmetic” display like Chef’s Hat?
When you use Chef’s Hat, it shows over your head and the buff for cooking speed has no timer, you either right click to remove it or if you die it goes away.

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This is a 14 year old plus request, on and off again, since the beta of Vanilla.

Thank you for the nostalgia!

I’d like it if players could also turn the Backpack off (same as if they added a Quiver, again), if that was their choice.

Just as with other stuff, there could be mogs for the backpack. There could be a “ridiculous adventurer” mog, where it would look like all of the things we actually carry around are hanging off the pack and such. Like I could be running around with this pack too large for me, with a mining pick and stuff for herbalism hanging off, plus a roll of toilet paper trailing behind.

WHOAH, must have got "IT! "


I’m fairly certain that was an exaggerated excuse they made because they didn’t want to do it. I’m sure it took like a month max when they actually tried. And they tacked on a condition to it to make you sign up even further for Battle . Net


Early on, they said they tried to make the original backpack bigger but all the gold and stuff inside disappeared. Like it was tied up in the original coding for the game. They were like nope…can’t do this. So they kept giving us bigger bags for the other slots and we were fine with that. And void storage. And the mog closet, toybox, etc. The resource tab for the bank gave us lots more bag space.

They figured how to increase the original backpack pretty recently so they gave us more space for using the authenticator - not battlenet or gametime related.

We haven’t had a critical bag/bank space shortage for awhile now and I’m a major packrat. We’re okay.

Cosmetic backpacks would be okay - maybe like the one you get when you do Redridge quests but it would throw off most mogs so iono.

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Easy fix… Just send us all the stuff in the backpacks, + the gold. They did it for other things the first time they talked about it. I wouldn’t say I regularly run out of room, but it does happen. Somewhat often even. It would be a lot better if we could freely swap azerite traits on gear out in the world. I also own a merchant mount, so it’s not like it’s trash getting all that space. Cosmetic backpacks would be lovely, just make a few models for each expac that’s in the game now. I’m sure most people would find something to make them happy, especially if packs or satchels were added in that regard.

I’d wear nothing but the fanny pack.


Oh my God! This is the solution Blizzard has been looking for when it comes to the silly capes!

Just think of it now. Quivers! Backpacks! Aesthetic weaponry! Traveling all-in-one kits, right on your back in the stead of a measly 2d plane of texture! Think of all the FLAVOR!


Dude, I’ve been asking about about cloak that would double as shoulder and cape armor.

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Remember how you finally did make the backpack bigger, but only let us have those 4 extra slots if we give you our phone numbers for you to sell to advertisers? I 'member.


Pfft says you scrub
Hefts bag of holding