Hexbane - Introduction

"Within the whispered darkness of the night, I hear his voice.
And in the misty morning, the advent of dawn, I can taste the salt of his tears.

The thunder, his screams.
And the lightning which tears the sky asunder, the work of their claws upon the canvas of his body.

And the rain.

The rain is his blood."

By the spirits above and below, I will seek vengeance upon the alliance for the destruction and loss of my soulmate.

I do not lament his passing as he now wanders free of the pains of this world, but I do hold a great rage at the loss of so many stories never to be written.

There will be blood.

((Tauren Druid looking for active and friendly WoW RP Guild - I am not new to RP but I am rather new to WoW RP.

Herbalism and Alchemy))

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Landlubbers or Thunderhoof Tribe are the 2 biggest Tauren RP guilds. Landlubbers does a lot of pirate themed stuff that isn’t Tauren exclusive.

Reach out to Yda for LL or Aovi for TT.