Heroic Raiding Guild Looking for Another Guild to Team Up With

Hey guys,

I am the GM of Holy Smokes - Draka/Suramar.

We are 6/8 Heroic and looking for another guild to ‘team up with’ for raiding purposes.

A little bit about us, we are a fairly active guild, laid back and a bit goofy. We like to have fun and not get too uptight about things. That being said, we take raiding and mythic keys fairly seriously so while we may joke around in discord during raids and stuff, we also expect our members to be focused and competent when working on progression. There are definitely dps requirements.

We have lost some of our raiders who have unsubbed from the game so we are hoping to team up with another guild who is in the same position.

We have 10-12 good, reliable players and a raid leader.

We raid Mon/Wed at 6:30pm Central but we are somewhat flexible on that.

Please contact me in game or leave a comment on here and let’s chat.

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I am in the same situation we also need more people but also at the same time im look forward to change guilds im 5/8 H

Dysfunctional Misfits are look for a guild to co-join if you would like to do that my btag is KardiG#1755