Heroic Magisters Terrace has no Daily Lockout

Title is self explanatory, it appears Blizzard forgot to flag H MGT as a heroic because:
a) People are completing heroic and not getting saved and are farming it repeatedly,
b) The loot that drops in heroic is not tradeable.

This most likely is not intended. Blizzard has a very inconsistent history when it comes to banning people for exploiting this kind of error. Personally I’m going to err on the side of caution and not do it more than once per character.

Good luck gamers.


We’ve got a hotfix for this coming soon to a realm near you.


You’re correct that it can be reset and completed more than once per day. I would definitely stay away from running more than once per day until we get clarification from Blizzard.

Edit: Hotfix coming soon!

So are you also fixing the loot? It is currently non-tradeable unlike all other heroic loot

In before they start suspending people that do it with someone that already did it but didnt tell anyone else in the group…

So what about the people that are already 5+ heroic runs in?

Some people are gonna get a week vacation :slight_smile:


Blizz taking action against people who cheat or exploit? That’s funny. /who botanica for me


what’s up with those pvp points while you’re at it with the sly comments?

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Gone and forgotten, and another shred of faith dies with it.

Hope you get suspended :slight_smile:

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they’re not going to suspend people. Like all of benediction is doing it. Highly unlikely they’re going to ban 10k people.

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Hope you get a life

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You must not have played during the XP exploit portion of Legion. That was one hell of a suspension and reversion wave.

I did heroic once. I was simply asking for the outliers. But I also wish u the worst as well.

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Well, 3 day suspension for 10k idiots, seems acceptable.


Yo, is this how it was in TBC? If so, that is amazing. This is great for catchup. When I get off work, I’m going to spam it all day.

If you scroll above, you will see what is almost extinct nowadays; a blue. He clearly mentioned a hotfix is coming soon.

Soon TM

You get what you &#%$@&% deserve


Yeah the trinket and the mount

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