Heroic Guild On Sargeras Recruiting


Crew of the Albatross (Sargeras) 8/8N 8/8H AOTC

Casual 2 day normal and heroic raid team that have been raiding off and on with each other since Vanilla. We are looking for a few more members for our PVP, Mythic+ and HEROIC Raid team.

We are a mature guild looking to enjoy the content as it comes. Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 730-10. We actively do mythic’s on off nights some PVP as well.

We are all adults(28-34) and do not have time for game drama we just want to have fun playing the game and enjoy working with friends. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to message me in game or add my Bnet #Halfbaked1618

Our Needs

Range DPS (Mage,Lock,Boomkin)
Mele (Rogue)
Healer (Shammy Rdruid)

Potential raid lead spot open for someone with experience and patience.

More Canadians Wanted :slight_smile: