Heroic Dreadfire Vessel

So… does that trinket even exist? My raid has killed Heroic Denathrius every week for 3 months and we have yet to see it drop. Feels bad man.

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cloaks have like a 60percent drop rate weapon and trinkets like 1percent blizz game bad

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i dont see the hype behind said trinket, it’s pretty bad looking in my eyes

…past being a giant statstick for intellect/str/agi

I’ve seen it drop once on our first kill and a healer got it for an off-spec that’s basically non existent and later quit the guild :sob: Hope you get it soon!

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I have one on my DK, my DH, and my Mage lmao

It’s my BiS, lol.

I hate you :joy:

I’ve gotten it out of my vault 3 times now. But does it ever give me a weapon? NO IT DOES NOT!

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You’d be better off with Heraldry and a high Anima Battery/Wakener’s Frond or Hateful Chain honestly. Hunters get much better on-uses for their damage profile, especially if you plan on going MM.

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was about to say this

unless bm is vastly diff from MM, you want heraldry and that WQ frond item

I had 3 weeks in a row of my vault giving me numerous denathrius options

I’ve seen 3 weapon tokens, trinket, ring, and I think even the helm.

One week was like weapon token Vs trinket but my m15 reward was better

On my first Heroic kill he dropped it for my guild.

I didn’t win it :frowning:

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Dropped on my first heroic Sire kill :upside_down_face:

I only play BM.
And I have heroic Heraldry in my bags but I only use it on certain bosses.

Versatility is not good for BM.

So I did a bit of research (and included some of my own sims for reference) and Dreadfire is actually pretty good, but these sorts of damage-based instead of stat-based trinkets tend to be a bit awkward to work with depending on your ilvl. These damage proc/damage on-use trinkets tend to be atrocious at low item levels but quickly scale extremely well as their item levels increase.

You’d most likely see a similar trend on Bloodmallet, even though I always take that site with a huge grain of salt since it tends to isolate each trinket. The gaps between Normal, Heroic, and Mythic versions of that trinket are utterly enormous (they’re ever-increasing intervals of 1% per ilvl bracket) while Heraldry, as a stat stick, is much milder on that front. Same deal with stat-based ones like Anima Battery versus damage procs/on-uses!

For reference: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/jfGzTYdVw5BAWkbG7ViNF

(I have MUCH better gear than you and am Night Fae and not Venthyr. I also play MM first and foremost so a lot of my gear might not be too terribly well-optimized)

Dreadfire’s got a lot of usage on logs but while 220 Heraldry pops up pretty often among BM Hunters there are virtually no 220 Dreadfires or 213 Memories whatsoever among high-performing BM Hunters. They’re all 233/226, which checks out because that’s historically how these sorts of trinkets have scaled.

So honestly, if you’re doing what you’re doing I think you might be better off doing either 226 Memory (when you kill Inerva; I know you’re 3/10M atm) or a Valor-upgraded 220 IQD or Anima Battery over a 220 Dreadfire Vessel except on something like Sludgefist, though there are obvious exceptions.

If you’ve got other Heraldries in your party I think I’d 100% go for that in the vast majority of situations, or at the very least do Heraldry+Dreadfire over Dreadfire+Chain. Hateful Chain is a pretty misleading trinket except in specific situations, kinda like IQD but less incredible at its peak and less lackluster at its trough.

But the TL;DR? It’s still a great trinket, but it might not give you the results you’re expecting because of how much better the Mythic version is than the Heroic one.

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That’s because it never drops :joy:

But in all seriousness, I usually use my 207 Dreadfire with 213 Chain because they sim the highest out of all the trinkets I have (I also have 213 Memories in my bags), but I use Heraldry on some fights when other people in my group also put it on. It doesn’t seem worth it on its own.

It does indeed. I got it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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After 5-7 kills on Heroic Denath I literally got NOTHING off his drops.

The only loot I got from his was through Vault or Trading.

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I’ve been in the same boat about Manabound Mirror. We’ve seen 4 Cabals, and 6 or 7 Dreadfires… 0 Mirrors.


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Hopefully we both see the one we need drop soon!

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