Heroes Õf Azeroth Looking For More Casual players

we have two mythic teams raid tues wed looking for more raiders to join it.

anyone want join my guild were 5/12 mythic so far for team 1

any mythic raiders looking new to raid?

anyone looking for tue wed raiding guild on here?

anyone on this forum looking for casual raiding?

any good mythic raiders looking to raid?

we are looking for causal mythic raiders looking join my guild for raiding and keys.

anyone wanna join us? message me at EvilDemonMaster#8382

anyone looking for new guild to raid in shadowlands?

any mythic raiders looking for new home join?

any heroic or mythic raiders looking for guild join?

EvilDemonMaster#8382 looking for dps like warrior team 1 mythic tues wed 9pm to 10pm EST 5/12 mythic

any dps or healer looking for mythic raiding? my guild looking for one for team 2

looking for more people for mythic casual raids

who want to join?

anyone still looking for guild join and waiting for next expansion?

any dps or heals looking for mythic raid finish BFA with my guild?

who want to join my guild and raid?

looking for players raid for rest of bfa expansion and into shadowlands

any raiders want help build team with me?