(Herod) Same Plan Less Dying (H) - Recruiting for T5 Core

Same Plan Less Dying is getting ready to move into phase 2.

We raid Tuesday / Thursday (8-11 and 8-12 for new content) Off night raids or alt raids (These are not mandatory) would be typically on a Friday or Sunday.

We are 11/11 Kara in 3 groups weekly. + Alt raids.
3/3 Weekly in Gruul / Mag (One 25 man group)

As phase 2 is coming up we want to make the raid core more cohesive and balanced.

Currently we are looking for some specific classes who are consistent and experienced.
We are not a bench for performance type guild. We want to work with you to improve you. If you parse blue we will work with you to parse purple for example. The guild is very helpful and works together to improve players.

We do use a loot council. Typically its a roll for BIS type of situation. Specific high demand items can be handled differently depending on the situation. We want players who can use the item to longest to get priority. If an item is good through T5 and T6 then that player should have high priority on the item. We do not LC Kara. That is always MS > OS roll. Core > Alt. New member trial is 2 weeks of consistent raiding. (2 Tuesdays and 2 Thursdays). After that they are promoted to Core Raider.

Recruit openings: (All other classes are considered for casual and backup placement and Kara groups.)
Holy Priest - Core spot open right now.
Enhancement Shaman (Please be able to totem twist)
Arms Warrior / Fury (taking considerations, high experience requested)
Hunter (Survival Pref but BM optional)

Core spots:
Warlock - Closed (casuals welcome)
Mage - Closed (casuals welcome)
Paladins - Closed (casuals welcome)
Rogue - Closed (casuals welcome)

Please add me for additional details and questions.

Thank you!

Add Leamus#2201 on Discord.

THE BIGGEST ISSUES: they cannot find raiders. 3 weeks of mag/gruul or kara where we were forced to do raids with less people than normal. No one wants to stay in the guild as they invite people who have never even done kara as they’ve become that desperate. The classes “they are looking for” is to replace people who left or those they secretly want gone.

The average mag or gruul raid had 2-3 people missing. We had 5 warlocks so no excuses for wiping on mag 8+ times. The guild officer and other co-leader could not keep tongues up “because it might hurt his dps.” Rogue officer wouldn’t even interrupt and would dps when told to stop dps’ing to pad his numbers before a cave in and cube at once.

Do not bother with this guild. Not only do they steal mats and not compensate you for the use, they reserved DST solely for one officer rather than allowing a group of raiders who had been in the guild as long to roll.

Their loot council consists of giving gear automatically even when someone is missing out on a 2 pc to favorites and having people roll when items are BIS all the way through phase 2 for one class while dumped by another. This post claims it, yet when the moment came a the paladin named safwerd was awarded bracers that disappear early in phase 2.

Officers are unable to understand statistics and don’t know what percentile to gear ratio performance you have. They look at fights where you died and base your dps off the falloff. They do not understand percentiles and that someone parsing at the 50th percentile in less than ideal loot is based off current logs. They ARE NOT looking to work with you as a post for an arms warrior was made after my first kara and mag when I did not apply to their mediocre guild. The fact they have to use 300g+ in consumables a week for mag/gruul when nearly all BIS says it all.

The top guild leader and warrior tanks rotation is so bad it places him at 56 parse for prot tanks when he’s BIS. His threat per second along with all the tanks in the guild is lackluster. People are so dependent on pally power that they fail to salv the one class with no threat reduction. “Because it’s too hard to not use pally power.”

33% of mag attempts I had salv, next week followed by a 56% salv rate on 9 attempts. Do not join this guild. They wipe and wipe on the easiest fights and only care about dps numbers.

They wiped on mag while people are doing 1300+ dps on 10 players 4-5 times at least because the person interrupting shadow volley left the guild. Also the same person who never messed up a cube.

Karas run 3+ hours. Mag/gruul lasted 1.5 hours today and lasted 3.5 hours last week.

Join if you want mediocrity. Join if you want a rogue dps attempting to tell you what is equivalent in gear piece my piece. This rogue believes “purple=best” even if the ilvl is lower than a boe blue and optimized for other classes and only used because there’s no better options. Individual bases “what your dps should be” off a website that takes top 90% of parsers for every class. Warriors gained 230 dps in less than a month because they experience a 36% gear increase per item. He also takes a 1200 one time performance versus an average parse of 950 dps and compares the 1200 dps as he cannot understand averages.

Further, they have a ret paladin who has had near BIS since the beginning yet cannot pull 600 dps on average with 8 BIS items and the rest of the items pre-raid BIS or better. Someone who performed at this level for nearly 1.75 months. Yet a person who has mediocre gear worse than pre raid BIS parsing 50th percentile is having ads created to replace them.

Join if you want officers who tell their ret paladin despair beats hammer of the naaru as a horde pally (no sword expertise). Join if you want the same rogue who has every piece BIS and cannot even pull more than 76% average dps parse over many many runs.

“The blind can’t lead the blind”
Guild will crumble phase 2 and barely make it through. Cube clicking along with interrupting wad already too hard. The guild was so bad I had to interrupt 65% of all interrupts on mag fight with 9+ possibly interrupts. Says it all.

Ultimately the officers are liars and do solely what benefits them. They’re fantastic at making leadership seem fair. Except the issue is it’s not. A friend who has done terrible parse in near BIS gear is not a problem to them. Here’s the link for reliability.

Safewerd is the name

Between gruul/mag/kara the individual was outdps’ed while I didn’t even use haste potions ever. For anyone who plays warriors they know how much damage a haste potions adds while CDs are popped.

No interrupts required on mag. Yet consistently was outdps’ed by a crappy geared warrior in both gruul and mag when not in click group 1 (our guild would click on average twice, second time solely for group 1) while being set to interrupt the third channeler. Third channeler cannot be interrupted if COT is not on and even if it is, by the time two die it’s faster than GCD. Therefore you have to choose dps or interrupt as no guildies would step up. We wiped every raid I chose not to interrupt other targets when mine died.

Proof for interrupts. 11 volleys stopped
5 by me. 2 by a ROGUE whose job is to interrupt and can dps with blade flurry.

Next raid 12 casts, 6 interrupts. Non-kill attempts had most people including the “best rogue in the world” named Mistra with 1 or less interrupts.

Our top “rogue” who has a cd shorter than pummel couldn’t interrupt anywhere near a warrior. Because he couldn’t care. Same as him dps’ing when the raid leader tells the raid to stop dps’ing. He’s not a warrior - he’s not pooling rage for cave-in.

Rogue officer attempts to criticize and “help” improve other dps classes when he does not even know their stat optimizations or pre bis. He cannot calculate stat weight and could not figure out a naxx ring with 14 crit 10 hit 52 ap is better than mithril signet. He then asked “how did a warrior with blues and a level 60 ring outdps you.” Meanwhile dude is in pre raid BIS or better including ilvl 125 gear.

guild lies, favorites officers by awarding DST to an officer who was in the guild as long as other core raiders (he’s also in loot council), doesnt know how to gear past mid phase 1 prioritizing tanks who should be looking for threat over mitigation. Except they don’t know this because they have no idea.

They then complain after awarding BIS gear to tanks for mitigation sets, not threat and complain about dps while doing inasmuch-so. They play favorites and ignore who loot is best for long term even though they’re a “loot council” guild.

Guild admitted they used my nethers to make frost resists sets and refuses to pay the gold back as I am no longer a part of the guild as I left it after I caught them lying, multiple times to me. This thread is proof by the way to further lying.

For anyone on Herod I have screenshots of it all. Enjoy your crumbling guild.