Herod has no Alliance. We need free transfers

When I log in, I’m greeted to no one in all major cities. Stormwind, Ironforge and even Shattrath have no Alliance player in sight.

It’s understandable that server populations will fluctuate, but we’ve gone from a few missing players to all players missing in a matter of 2 months. World of Warcraft requires other players and there are just none on Herod. For those remaining, we need free transfers out of here.

I’ve reached out to Blizzard support, but to no avail. If we don’t get free transfers to playable servers, I don’t see a reason to continue paying.


You guys on horde literally caused this. It’d take me 45min to and hour to crawl to a dungeon. I don’t mind competitive wpvp but I also want to be able to play the game, and you just couldn’t do that on Herod alliance anymore. Only people to blame for this is the horde.


True. Blizzard can fix this though, they can combine servers or allow server transfers for alliance players on Herod and other servers.

The Horde on Herod deserve everything they get . I recently logged in there to see how it was on my 61 priest and get ganked by lvl 70’s. Now i know why all alliance left the server and why i got toons on another server as well. so for blizz to feel sorry for all you horde there i hope that all the children there rot . Have a nice day !!!

lol what do you mean all we get? 0 competition at farming spots? :smiley: i agree! we do!

Blizzard could fix it, but they don’t care. They’re only worry now is milking whales for as much as they can.

They might merge servers a year from now, maybe less if the population continues to dip like it has since Burning Crusade Classic.

I for one used to love wpvp even when i was roflstomped on darkspear 16 years ago because of a 7:1 A:H ratio. Those days are coming to a close on the 20th of September as my account lapses and I won’t sub again. The game isn’t fun, raiding isn’t fun, heroics were never fun IMO, and the lack of PvP and tone deaf nature of blizzard has just put a nail in this coffin for me.