Herod Duel Tournament this Saturday at 3PM Eastern

Come check out some of Herod’s best duelers in the Herod Duel Tournament this weekend!

Date: Saturday, April 11th 3pm EST

Prize: 500g split - 1st: 300G 2nd: 75g 3rd: 50g Furthest placing warrior: 75g

Streams: All duels will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/smivy (referee) and www.twitch.tv/og_jeffery (shout caster)

All 32 contestants streams will be linked if you want to check out any of there perspectives as the tournament progresses. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to win certain class match ups if you’re struggling, or get new ideas on how to approach certain duels. Come check it out!


Is this what new streamers are resorting to in attempts to get viewership?


Nope, just for fun

is that a bad thing?

is Alliance allowed?

They will be next tournament, I didnt have the foresight to coordinate it this time around.

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hErOd iS tHe sTrEaMeR frEE sErVeR.

HeRoD iS thE pREmIeRe pVP sErVEr.

Haha. The state of Herod today. A streamer openly advertizing his event, and forgetting alliance exists at all due to the horrible server balance. I am so glad I transferred off from that mess.

Also, post in your realm forums.

whats with the wrong capitalizations?

is that was kids do to look cool now?

back in my day we just turned !!! into 111one’s.


Ok boomer.

XD until he goes up against an ele shaman with a brain

cool story bro.

Doesn’t it really matter?
Find something better to do with your miserable life.

Are you really still this anti-herod? It’s a great server. Everyone I have met from it in BGs are fantastic. Plus, there seems to be a lot less salt from their players than other PVP servers I encounter.

presses frostshock… d-did i win?

frostshock actually has diminishing returns in this “vanilla” but it did not really in vanilla

i THINK they added it around 1.8? dont quote me on that but it did had it by the time 1.12 landed

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biased against hunters, clearly biased towards mages… organizer a mage? MAKES YOU THINK.