Here's how you get more tanks

  1. Spammable aoe so it’s easy to hold aggro.

  2. Linear dungeons, make them linear and you will see many more tanks especially in mythic+.

  3. Easy boss mechanics for tanks.

That’s it.


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wait why did I reply to a level 10 troll


Let’s give them less control over which mobs they have to fight? I don’t think that will help.

How am I a troll?

It will help a lot. People don’t want to deal with routes in mythic+


According to others, there’s no tank shortage. It’s just tanks don’t volunteer for PUGs

Be easier just to make a DPS only dungeon. Everyone gets a hallway of trash to clear. Meet in the middle and DPS check yourself before the boss enrages

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Who? Why? M+ players love optimizing routes. Linear dungeons don’t stop meta routes from developing, they make skips harder and edge out non-rogues for an mdps spot.


tank main here.

linear dungeons are a boring snoozefest. no thanks.

  • most tanks are dealing pretty crazy damage right now due to tier and dual legos
    *current dungeons aren’t really that bad routing wise. I only really do invis skip for halls as it’s easier. Pretty much everything else can just be pulled in a fairly straight line and in 15s and under you might get a “this is a weird route” but I’ve never seen anyone complain if I under/over shoot the %
    *I can’t think of any bosses where the strat isn’t “like melee dps, but face it away” right now. Nothing hard is jumping out at me.

I’m finding more groups than ever already have tanks right now in the group finder. If anything, I’m seeing a lack of healers. I think some of the tank tier sets (monk, dk, pally) are making more play right now tbh with how ridiculous they are.


You wont get tanks because player perception. Players percieve tanks as needing to be leaders, need to know every mob in the dungeon, every route, etc. When in reality, routes have been useless since prideful went away and as long as you listen to DBM you dont need mob knowledge.

How to tank post S1: Walk at mobs and kite for affixes.


Counterpoint - there are actually plenty of tanks. The mechanics of the game are not what is keeping them from queueing with random people.


What would make me tank more is m+ not being a bore. I like low keys back im legion, but seeing what they are like now…

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Currently they are dealig damage. Lets notose that after DF launches.

Theater of Pain and kings rest says Hi


I also don’t like using addons…

But yes, it’s pretty frustrating when people assume you automatically know best pathing of something as a tank.

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You’re a tank it’s your responsibility to guide the group the best possible way. Reason why people dont tank. They dont want the responsibility. It’s night and day what the group can do even mediocre dps/heal w/ a decent tank at the helm

Not unless your doing like 20’s. You can do anything lower by press W and kiting backward on high stacks of anything

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I haven’t played the game since legion, and I’m a very casual player. I enjoy the role of tanking and their playstyle. Posts like this show how many of the community just pushes responsibility onto us.

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Yup as you should. I’m not saying you’re going to pull it out of air, But I dont now optimal pathing due to add ons.
I know from experience

That’s how you’d get more bad tanks… Can’t say that would interest me.

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I’m all for learning tha pathing and doing it, but the amount of times ive said “hey, ive never done this place” then gotten flamed for it is… often enough. Especially coming back late to an xpan.