Here we go again, lets check PTR now

Here we go boys, lets’s see the Collateral beauty of this week’s changes.

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Shadow Mend gone.
Shadow Covenant…lost the interaction with a heal because no Shadow Mend.
Cooldown on Mind Soothe and it’s an aoe now? Lol…

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i actually think the mind soothe being an aoe is kinda cool


Just hope the area is decent sized like Mass Dispel.

At least they kept it as instant cast. I would be upset if it had a casted time.

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That is kind of cool… meaning I expect the change to be struck down in a few weeks.

Well at least they added Mind Flay to spirit link like I asked. Now people have more choice between MSpike, MFlay or a hybrid build without it feeling as terrible.

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There’s other good stuff too. Finally, between the 10% Fade DR, the 10% Flash Heal DR, a buffed shield and a buffed Desperate Prayer it seems like a lot has been done for general survival… at least if they’re not going to bring back Prydaz. :slight_smile:

Still less than thrilled given the tone the last blue post gave us on class utility, though. We’ll see, they seem to being shuffling things around as quickly as possible from week to week.

The biggest change on the PvE front is by far the Dominate Mind change for all priests.

That is really, really good for us, and is totally worth losing an interrupt for from a PvE healing priest perspective (though I want shining force still). There’s also dungeons where this could give us a pseudo interrupt, because our new thrall might have an interrupt.

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My Views right now.
for Flash heal – OLD maso was stronger due to the overtime heal it gave. So Protective light is nerfed.

Glad mindgames is staying because its everything for shadow right now.
Not sure why Holy Nova is still here blocking that path with its 2 useless nodes.
Holy Nova just needs to be pushed to the far left , to its own little corner.

Shadow Spec.
Much better positionings over all. thank god.

Void Torrent still in a bad positioning.
Too many walls stills.
Mind flay build feels weakest for PVP at least. If you don’t want to mindspike, deathspeaker still way to go. Hopefully, it won’t get butchered.

Shadoworbs still not applying to Devour plague. Why is it still procing from mindspike. Bad interaction.
DP still has no agency.
Voidform is more potato than before.

Alrighty, now for next week maybe?

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I’ll take being able to persistently MC a mob an entire dungeon over a once every 45s interrupt. Although I think it lasting 30s is a bit short. Control Undead is 5 minutes.

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Hey, we’re rolling in all these PvP talents into the tree, let’s bring Thoughtsteal to instances.

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Except we lost the HoT with nothing given back for shadows.


Yeah, sorry, I slipped into thinking about things only from the holy priest perspective for a second. Agree, from shadow and disc’s perspective Flash Heal is going to feel awkward and underwhelming to cast. I don’t think it breaks Shadowform though, right?

The last time I played shadow priest was before Shadowmend existed so to me the idea of having access to holy spells for off-healing is more natural than… whatever Shadow’s been like since Legion.

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General Priest Changes

Mostly weird, don’t love some, others are kind of whatever. Not a fan of casting Flash Heal in Shadow, but whatever, they basically just made it Shadowmend but gold. Mind Soothe change and Lights Inspo change (imo) don’t do much to improve our survivability or utility in a meaningful way. Also I feel like Mind sooth is just worse now? Am I missing a use case where it wasn’t always used to bypass things? How does making it a 12 yard AoE help?


Shadow Priest Changes

Honestly, these are all just improvements. Like every single comment is more or less improving spell/talent usage or buffing something in a positive way.

The new tree is a bit wonky, but it looks like you can do some solid builds and get what you want. Some of the bottom placements are super weird. For example, with certain builds you can ALMOST have 2 Idols, like Idol of Yogg and Idol of N’Zoth, but to do it, you have to give up a point somewhere else because they’re walled by 2 point nodes

Another example, I think it’s weird that Mind Sear is an optional talent.

Overall, positive changes, I think, but quite strange and some of the builds require sacrifices that feel weird.


not upset by the loss of smend kinda sucks for pvp

New Addition.

Worst thing by far this weak. Flash heal feels AWFUL for SP right now. the loss of Shadowmend and passive MASO was so huge. Like, honestly so bad.

I have to cast 7 Times just to reach 70% HP. 7 times! GL getting benefit form that in PVP. Bad enough It takes Vampiric Touch 2 points to get it close to live.

So far the worst change.