Here is what you will see in New AV

Allies rush out.
Hit Horde mid field
Fight a slow retreat action to their base.
Stop them at the bridge of death
and a long long battle right at that spot every game.

I lived it in 2005 and it will be again.


Sargeras willing it will be just as you say.



I played this scenario out as Horde countless times. Except we had the cave pushed further back.

I hope so.

That sounds like PvP and not a really lame zerg rush race.


So, you are saying they will finally do an actual PvP in PvP BG?


So PvP matches in AV might be more than rushing a PvE objective and actually result in some PvP?

I might actually go do some AV if that’s the case.


The nice thing is that the biggest advantage Horde have in AV is Lokholar the Ice Lord.

Once he’s summoned the game is over and the rest is a formality. Tell your groups to collect blood and get him summoned by the 20 min mark.

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I lived this in vanilla too. Thing is, my memory is that in vanilla very few horde knew about/used the back door. The bridge won’t be the chokepoint, instead it will be SP GY this time around, in the games alliance chooses to defend, because they’ll be dropping down from their cave after horde over extend into the alliance base. Most games though with the new meta alliance will afk and just wait for the game to end when games get to this point.

My guess is that if they actually do manage to stop premades (which I’m pretty skeptical of right now with the current plan) that 25-50% of games will be alliance turtles at SP GY.

Premades will reduce in number, but I’m pretty confident alliance will just find a new method of doing it. Only the top premades at first, and then the method will slowly trickle down to the weaker ones. Then the question becomes if/when blizzard will counter it again. Assuming this is a precedent that they actually want them to stop, and not just lip service to temporarily get people to stop complaining.

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You mean we will get to play the game where two raid groups trade punches to win?

Sign me up!

I had one game were we summoned him and the alliance killed him …then the alliance summoned their twig and we killed it…it was a very intense and fun game but didn’t end with the boss summon.

Here’s really what you’ll see more often than not as I’ve already witnessed alliance pugs successfully win…

  1. Horde rush Belinda and also try to meet alliance in middle.
  2. Alliance move to IBT and hold it.
  3. Alliance also start pushing IBGY and cap it. They keep the majority of their players at these two points until successfully capping/destroying.
  4. Horde raid is now divided between Tower Point and SHGY.
  5. Alliance keep pressuring south, moving to each tower and gy and holding until capped.
  6. The Horde in the north continue moving north while the Horde in the south become defense.
  7. At this point the game becomes who can move passed whose remaining defenses the fastest and get to Vann/Drek first.

I was in two games today where this is basically what happened and the alliance pug actually won one. Horde chat was pretty comical…

If people play objectives and work as a team, the game can be much more than a PVE zerg fest.


It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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Is this the AV where i manage to sneak into one of the towers, and make it to the flag, and actually cap it, but the the hold timer starts
and i see horde streaking in after seeing the warning that the tower is contested?

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alliance pugs dont win games, stop lying.


Which is pointless because eventually everyone will die enough you get zero honor. I’d rather have the map end in 10 minutes.

Unless you’re doing AV for fun, then I’d just call you a lunatic.

I actually remember this being the norm. BOTH SIDES actually took towers and completed objectives- at least in TBC and Wrath.


here’s a surprise the vast majority of people don’t post on these forums and the vast majority of players most likely que bgs just for fun

Those aren’t pugs my friend, those were low ranking premades and they call that strategy the ‘triangle’ strat because they basically set up between IBT, IB GY, and TP and entrench until they can advance forward.

Slow rolling at IB GY on is what the low rank, less organized premades do because they don’t have the gear/organization to rush Drek down.

To be fair, I do think we’ll start seeing more of that from Tuesday on because Alliance will still be able to premade through discord, but I just feel like it should be clarified that that’s not an Alliance Pug strategy, that’s a Premade Strategy. It’s just the least efficient hph premade strategy.


lol if you think AV will exist after tuesday

It existed just fine all through TBC and the rank grind wasn’t even a thing.