Help with a pair of boots

Hello everyone, Im hoping someone can help shed some light on something.

I recently race changed to Troll because I was tired of Tauren. I dont really like the feet being visible so I started looking for boots that cover even Troll feet.

In the appearance tab, there are two labeled as “Eternal Gladiator’s Leather Boots”
One is black and silver, the other is gold and bluish.

The vendor only has the gold and bluish color that I can find, does anyone know where I can get the other color?

It looks like that’s from the Elite set which requires rating to obtain (the guide says Elite rank is 2400+ rating). You also have to get the rating during the existing season, so it’s time limited. It’s part of the Eternal Gladiator’s Felskin Armor Elite recolor if you look in the set tab.

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Thank you, I was fearing that was the case but I hadn’t been able to find out for sure.

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