Help with 2 disc talent conditional macros

  1. Power Infusion @focus + Dark Archangel (pvp talent) in one key press, that will become Evangelism + on-use trinket if talented.

  2. Spirit Shell + Mindbender + on-use trinket, becoming Shadowfiend if talented into Power Word: Solace or Mindbender on its own if talented into Lenience/Evangelism.

/cast[talent:7/3]Evangelism;[@focus]Power Infusion
/cast[talent:7/1,7/2]Dark Archangel

/cast[talent:7/2]Spirit Shell

These might work, but I don’t have a priest to test them on. Replace 13__or__14 with 13 (top trinket) or 14 (bottom trinket). Remove the [talent:…] conditional from the trinket line in the second macro if you still want those to fire when it is just mindbender/shadowfiend.

I may have misinterpreted exactly what you want the second one to do, but it should be easy-ish to reverse-engineer that one adding/subtracting talent conditionals as needed.

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Shadowfiend automatically becomes Mindbender if talented, you don’t need to code anything special for it.

There are no tests to check if pvp talents are enabled so you can’t check for that but if you’re ok with assuming DAA if Evange isn’t talented you can make that work.

/cast [@focus,help] Power Infusion
/cast [talent:7/3] Evangelism; Dark Archangel
/cast [talent:7/3,@mouseover,help,nodead] [talent:7/3] Spirit Shell
/cast [harm] [@targettarget,harm,nodead] [] Shadowfiend