Help Wanted: Inquire at the Whelp Daycare

Question - what is the point of having a companion pet that is not a battle pet?

It’s ok. You have Darkglare.

After we helped raise Wrathion, you’d think they’d want us to stop, lmao.

We aren’t exactly good parents.

I do, but because of its silhouette I keep mistaking it for my Shivarra.

If the drakes lay eggs they’re usually 5 or 6 in the clutch (nest) BUT she can still lay more clutches too. They’re like rats. Takes about 17-ish gestation. THAT brood can all get pregnant. They can get pregnant at 4 weeks. The younger the rat the fewer the babies. But I’ve had one have 14 at once - I keep the boys and girls separate in 6-foot cages. I had a hairless dumbo that was tiny. I saw all the girls were gaining weight. One night I was watching tv and saw a Silhouette of a rat with his tail up over his back going 90 mph in front of my tv screen. Baby had been visiting the girls. So - moral of the story -If you can manage to keep that many huge dragons in separate spots …i wish u luck

…Maybe that joke about not meddling in the affairs of dragons because you’re crunchy and good with ketchup isn’t a joke…

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