Help Recovering From Spike AoE Damage

Hi, I’m currently leveling as resto through timewalking, and it has been a mixed bag. Most runs are okay, but I am dealing with tanks rushing along and pulling huge packs of mobs. I understand they can survive it all, but the rest of the party, not so much.

There are many cases in these dungeons where multiple party members are taking damage from various things. It might be exploding enemies, poison stacks that need cleansing, rocks falling on their heads. Most of it is unavoidable, no matter how valiantly party members try to sidestep it all.

My problem is that when multipe party members are down to roughly half health, I have a very hard time recovering from it as they continue to take damage. I maintain LIfebloom on the tank, and keep rejuvinations up on everyone. I use Regrowth as my burst heal, but the initial heal doesn’t seem to do much. Efflorescene is of no help, as people are constantly moving, and Wild Growth also doesn’t seem to do much.

I end up having to rely on my cooldowns, such as Tree of Life, Flourish, Swiftmend, and Tranquility, but they aren’t up often enough to be reliable when the damage is constant. I have to spam my heals constantly, with no time to throw in damage as I go. It’s all just exhausting, and everything I’m doing and juggling goes completely unnoticed by anyone else.

Healing is my favourite role, and druid is my favourite class, but I’ve been struggling to keep up with spike damage and recovering when I fall behind, especially when it comes to party wide damage. I’m not sure I want to continue to dedicate myself to it.

At times I have asked tanks to slow down out of respect for the rest of the party because they die to things I simply can’t heal them all through at once. The tanks either respond with no or just ignore me, as they are only interested in leveling as fast as possible. Hey, so am I, but they forget there are four other team members being dragged along with them.

If you have any advice for me, or I am doing something wrong, I’d appreciate the feedback. Thanks for sticking with me and reading my long post.

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Leveling is just toxic anymore. Its rush rush rush. DPS who are tanking and try to pull everything. Honestly, I’d just keep your head down and if they die, they die. 9/10 times if a DPS dies its because they are standing in bad and its their fault.

It will get better.

My advice is to try to skip heroics as well. get to 70, go to emerald dream and do the quest line. You’ll easily be able to get to 420-430 without much effort

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He’ll be 70 and 428 from timewalking before the week is out :slight_smile:

But that doesn’t solve the issue of his spike damage. And leveling or not, it’s part of the game and he’s going to have to face it head on at some point.

Wish i had some advice but I don’t actually enjoy RDruid playstyle so i’ve got nothing :frowning:

The days of enjoying the scenery in these dungeons is long gone. I do miss that, but now the tanks want to go fast, either to practice for their future in Mythics or just to get it done.

Your party members just need to learn of this technique. Sometimes the play is not to aggro at all and follow the tank for a bit. Sometimes you burn everything along the way. It depends.

Also, some tanks are better than others at stopping once in a while and retaking aggro. Usually though, they want to get to a certain point and AOE everything. Rinse and repeat. If your teammate is still far back fighting one NPC, then they are missing the objective.

Try to mark the tank so they can clearly see how far ahead he is. Optionally, make a macro to /say something (or raid warning if you are leader). You can tell your team to keep moving forward or something like that. Also, use your Stampeding Roar to help them keep up and Bash or Disorienting Roar any problems so the team can keep moving.

*PS - Go to Mage Tower and practice in there as Resto. Just hop into the first phase and heal your three NPC teammates. This will let you test all your things, like mouse over macros which are a must have. Being able to hover over the nameplate from your blizzard party frame and cast on that is amazing. *

I disagree. Leveling in dungeons at this point is just a nightmare. People don’t bother with mechanics, sit in bad, etc. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to heal them. Heck, I don’t even heal timewalking. Things like Efflo in a normal is just a waste as the OP said, people are moving too much.

My point being that when you start getting into better content, the shear amount of people standing in bad goes down. When it does, you’ll find that your CDs are generally enough. Grove Guardians, Convoke, Flourish tend to be enough. You do have to learn how your spells will heal and have faith that they’ll do what they are meant to do. But if you have a group that insists on soaking avoidable damage, then yes your life as a resto druid will be miserable.

Also resto feels blah until you get a decent amount of haste.

Do druids have a big Oh Crap heal? No. Swiftmend falls WAY short in my experience. I would consider running convoke instead of tree of life. I use convoke and the reforestration talent (so I can get a mini tree every minute or so if I’m good at using SM close to CD). That gives you a pretty good healing boost available every minute. Get your SM count up to 2, so the next one will trigger the tree.

It will get better as you gear up though.

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And when you start getting into better content, damage profiles increase faster than health pools leading to spikes in damage from unavoidable mechanics.

I agree that the higher the content, the fewer stupid people who make healers/tanks life hell are involved. But spike damage still happens

As for that OP, the best thing i can say is learn the fights while you can, and prepare ahead of time. Get your HoTs rolling so your mastery is stacked and working so your heals kick in faster when the damage does hit. Sorry i can give examples of abilities as i dont play Resto. But as you mentioned Regrowth, itll hit harder and heal quicker than trying to apply the HoTs after the damage has hit and then getting Regrowth off.

As for people stepping in bad constantly…well thats a player by player situation that one can never truly prepare for

yes, spikes still happen, but when its less often and less driven by stupid, the tools you have are better. And once you get more haste, it starts to smooth out.

I do think druid suffers the most with a bad group, but they also shine the most with a good group. I’ve had good groups where on bosses where almost all my healing is Adaptive Swarm and Grove Guardians because I rarely leave cat form. Then I have groups that I don’t even have time to cast sunfire.

But that’s why I don’t heal pug groups.

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Thanks everyone. I ran a few more dungeons. The issue is tanks pulling too much, and with so many mobs, there is too much unavoidable damage going out. It isn’t something I can control. Probably not a case of not having the tools, but more of a case of player behaviour.

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