Help needed please <3

Hey friends. I got into the stress test and would appreciate some clarification if anyone can. It says on the email we could have access to stress test realm until thurs but it seems as if it has ended. Just really confused by the wording of the email. Thanks everyone =)

Is the realm offline or locked? Clarification is necessary please.

You will be able to play until tomorrow 6pm pdt. The server is down atm while they tweak something.

Currently offline I suppose for cleaning and cooling down the the servers

It was a 2 hour test that they prolonged a extra hour. Its over now.

thanks buddy

The server is Offline right now, but we are able to play until 6pm PT tomorrow.

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We’ll be actively monitoring the server, sending server messages, etc. during the 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. PDT period and it’s important to have as many people as possible log in during this window! The stress test realm itself will be available until Thursday, May 23 (becoming unavailable around 6:00pm PDT). This is from the blue post at the top of the Classic forum. Hope it helps.

I wish I could have created a single toon :roll_eyes: I tried many times with DC/offline/time out … etc…