Help Me Choose BFA/Shadowlands Class

I’m a returning player, but i couldn’t post in the returning player forums(Assume cause I don’t have a sub yet. Trying to decide before I sub.) I love pet classes, but I can’t decide if I should make an Unholy DK or BM Hunter. I know it’s one of those two. I was gonna post in the classes forum, but realized i’d just get the respective class of that specific forum as answers. I do like the idea of mass summoning ghoul’s. But I also like the idea of having really strong pet’s, and different pet’s for different occasions. I did play BM hunter at the start of BFA, but had bad internet so I quit(No longer have bad internet). What’s the current play style of each in BFA, and what do people think about in Shadowlands. Also what would you rank: Leveling, Soloing Content, PVE and PVP for each of them currently. Or any other things you can think of.

Warcraftlogs is down so can’t check rankings, but when I checked a few days ago BM hunter was higher on the dps list for the Ny’alotha raid. I didn’t check dungeons at the time. I’m sure all the rankings will change in SL.

Unholy is one of the more complex melee specs managing runes, runic power, wounds, dot, etc. The Army of the Dead is an 8 min cd and the ghouls last only 30 seconds. I like unholy it’s one of my fav melees. Unholy is great solo/leveling but not quite as good as BM. The two permanent ghouls don’t tank for you.

BM hunter is significantly easier to play compared to unholy. BM is one of the top two solo/leveling DPS specs in the game with a tank pet and heals. Warlock is the other. All classes have an easy time soloing end game after they get some gear. If your willing to tank, you could level faster 15-90 spamming dungeons on Blood DK spec with no queues.

Since you own BFA, you can make 110 trial characters and test them in the tutorial, dummy, and 15 min battle scenario. Use the Icy Veins class guides for Rotations, priorities and talents.

Thank you, Yeah I am a dummy. I didn’t even think about the trial characters lol.