Help Character stuck falling on TWW Beta

The support tickets do not load on beta to enter a ticket - please help - my character is falling forever in Ringing Deeps - please reset (Canseco-Alleria). Every time I log in it insta DCs me for being below the world falling so I can’t even die, if that would even be possible on this world map IDK. I’ve tried everything I can, but don’t have time to try and queue to hearth out of a dung to anything as it insta DCs on login now. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.

Sorry to say, but you’d most likely need to make a new toon to play on the beta. Th GMs and blues here only deal with the live game. Any issues with the beta is wholely in the devs hands.


Thank you, maybe they could do their best and send this to anyone over there then since you can’t submit a ticket idk. Trying my best to get some help is all. Thank you though Zenjy - I won’t hold my breath.

It is Beta, you are going to lose characters and stuff is going to break. The best thing you can do is make or copy a new toon and make sure to post on the Beta forums and fill out the in game testing ticket as to where you were and what you were doing when the issue happened.


I have done this, thank you Mourningg


Indeed, I’m afraid we don’t have any controls that would allow us to assist there.

Typeß, please be sure to submit a bug report if you haven’t already, from the character generally is the most helpful, but obviously if you are disconnecting immediately that isn’t possible. Otherwise describing where you were at the time this happened could prove helpful to our QA team in looking into it.

We do have systems in place that are designed to put a stuck character back on solid ground, so staying logged out for a time may allow it to do that. If not, recreating the character might be the only other option. Sorry.


No problem, enjoy Beta. :slight_smile: Hope the rest of it goes smoothly for you.


Yeah, I lost mine too. I guess its time to work on d2 again!