Hello, Wyrmrest Accord!

I’ve lurked on your server with low-level alts for years and now I’ve finally dropped the moolah and transferred my Alliance main here. So…uh… hi.

Will consume the souls of the innocent for food.


Welcome to Wyrmrest Accord!

Tell us about your character.

But no really, tell us about your character! And I hope you have fun here.

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Yay! Hope you enjoy your stay! I’m working on leveling up an Alliance character, so maybe we’ll bump into each other.

You’re gonna starve. Nobody here is innocent.

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Welcome! I’m new here too but loving it so far.

I’ll allow it

throws glitter Welcome! I can safely say, xferring to WrA was the best decision my partner and I have made. I hope it’s good to you.

hm goodbye

1/3 Dr. Strange, a cup of 12th Doctor, a little bit of Count Dooku, a dash of Black Mage from 8-bit Theater, and a pinch of that Daffy Duck short where he’s a wizard from The Looney Tunes Show


You’ve officially won me over, welcome to WrA.


pls no

also hi welcome to wyrmrest


Welcome to the server! If you haven’t visited the forum sticky yet, I really recommend it.


And here’s some general server discords with sections for events…




And a tumblr blog that regularly updates with events…

All worth a look!

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Same, same and same, but tell us, specifically, about your facial hair situation there. What’s going on here? Are you going to give us some quests?


pulls out the anti-heresy sword Human heretic barbarian needing to get Taz’dingo’d?!

In all seriousness though welcome to the server. Genuinely hope you find the RP community who fits with you best!

Before I had the Man-Ponytail-With-Porno-Stache look, or the “Flynn Fairwind but as a Silver Fox” as one might describe it. Alas a fairly prominent NPC stealing my look and the way customization now works for facial hair has led to Santa-Geralt. I even have a scar now. Truly I must already be among the edgiest of Warlocks on the server.