Hello! New Blue Here!

Welcome! Are you on LinxedIn?


We’re so happy to have you on the team!


Can I be gm too


Nice to see new blood here again.

However, my experience with new CMs becoming active on the forums is that it often feels like some sort of Blizzard Initiation rather than a genuine desire to interact with the community here. The new blue shows up, generally makes a good first impression, and actively posts for, oh, a month or so. Maybe 2. Then they stop. And you never see them again even though they’re still employed by Blizzard (usually).

So here’s to hoping you’re able to remain a close link between this community and Blizzard for, well, longer than that.

Best of luck to you.


Welcome to the mad house!!

-hands out virtual cake-

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My go-to is usually bubbly. /pinky up

That’s a great pet! I’m a bit tempted on the Winterspring Cub, but my mind will probably change in the future. ¯\ _ (ツ) _/¯

You would do this to me… TOO SOON.

I guess that would make me a bad feral… :frowning:

There are so many good ones to choose from! I probably like Magic Pet Mirror the most so that I can turn the whole group into tiny creatures with Reflecting Prism. Alternatively, Orb of the Sin’dorei so that I can pretend to be a Blood Elf Druid…


Always a good way to get a whole group of Baby Blizzard Bears running around :grin:

I walked off a cliff while alt tabbed reading this. What happened next certainly wasn’t a cliff hanger. Welcome and Hello!

OK your now my favorite moderator. I love all “WoW” elves too!


What is your favorite color of the alphabet? Mine is triangle.


This is such a cute blue. Don’t ruin it, GD. Don’t ruin it.


A new community manager! Welcome!

As for you, forums, y’all be nice now, you hear?

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Hi Linxy,

Welcome to the forums. I see that you love elves - a wise choice! I also noticed your mention of a cat or cat-like avatar. That’s great, but did you know that there are almost no nice cat icons to put on your button bars! I wanted to make a /meow macro for my druid and there’s so few cats!

It took me almost 30 minutes to scroll through the thousands of icons to notice this. One row at a time. Do you know why? Because the icons aren’t sorted or searchable in anyway. I couldn’t search for a cat icon! This cannot stand!


Hi! Welcome to the grindstone that are the forums. Enjoy your stay!

And give Worgen tails.


Hello linxy.

welcome to the underworld, please wipe your feet, enjoy the chili fries, cookies in the food court, and theres a bagel stand…

Don’t touch the bagel stand, jimmy got eaten tryin to take one.
And congrats on joining the team.
An i hope you have fun.
also for chili fries to be in wow…

No promises are made.

You have my vote.

More druids is good.

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Let’s talk about mechagnome druids.


Same, I want even more Elves added to the game!

Hi Linxy,
I truly hope you like Sylvanas Windrunner, the greatest Warchief of all time!
Also, grats on your job at Blizzard!


He’s not allowed to answer that.

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