Hello! New Blue Here!

He already stated there were two questions. What do you think the second one was going to be? Obviously, you just want to find a bias, so you will see bias in everything. Pardon us for seeing through it.

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Yeah, I was there. The Horde has always been their baby because it was the hardest part of making Warcraft popular.


Oh, he stated what the second question was and you would have seen that if you had watched the video. QUOTE: “The second question is, when is the horde getting its true warchief back?”

He literally said that was the second question.

This is the guy who, after it was announced that the Warcraft movie would focus on the Alliance perspective, apologized, saying that his “heart lies with the Horde”.

web. archive. org/web/20120918111442/http:// kotaku. com/286074/warcraft-movie-details-revealed-at-blizzcon

He can claim to main Alliance; but I’m taking the man at his word and he said that HIS HEART LIES WITH THE HORDE.

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welcome Linxy I hope a nd pray that you are active and talk with us as much as possible. Never have enough interaction!! Please and Thank You!


BTW Linxy, nothing personal intended. Just letting you know how it looks from this side.

Welcome aboard.

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You guys are awesome! This thread is so much fun to read. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I finally have some time to answer questions. Sorry to keep you waiting!

I love all cats great and small, but if I had to choose my favorite Druid cat form, it’d be Night Elf. I love the color schemes and their accessories the most. Next in line would be Kul Tiran because skulls, and Highmountain Tauren because lions with feathered moose antlers.

I like to think it’s because what they eat is blue, much like how Flamingos turn pink. And they probably think they’re too cool for red hats.

I also love trolls! They get to have pointy ears, tri-hawks, AND run around without shoes and not be phased with how painful that is. They’re like the elves’ edgy punk rock cousins.

Definitely without ketchup. Don’t get him started about ketchup…

This sounds like the beginning of a lyrical masterpiece. Keep going!

That is such a terrifying image… IT’S PERFECT!

They don’t seem to! I’d love to know what product they use. :thinking:

Linxy.exe has stopped working.


Not disco kitty? Or Ashamane?

But- but what do they eat then?

Edit: Nevermind! I contacted my Steward associate, Pico, from the Shadowlands. He has confirmed that Kyrian don’t actually eat. They just drink Larionade™! Good work out there Pico!

Thank goodness. But- no. He doesn’t like mayo, does he???

Venthyr drink red
Kyrian eat blue
Sylvar terrify me
Necrolords too

I’m going to assume that every character is actually wearing a wig. That’d explain where their hair goes when wearing helmets!


Welcome! Now time for the real question:

What’s your favorite Battle Pet?


I support your efforts to make belf druids happen! :] Folks would be happy.

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So what you’re telling me is Blood Elf Druids. :slight_smile:

Obviously your avatar must be a lynx from Eversong Woods!


Hello, Linxy. Good to have you among us.

I feel like drawing a lion with feathered moose attached to the sides of its head.

I’m perfectly fine with this. Nelf paladins for blood elf druids :+1:


Haha wait do they do that? I should ask her! (Kidding, I’m absolutely not going to ask her for one.)

Also, as a friend of hers for a few years now, I’d like to thank you for being polite, and yes she’s been here almost since the beginning. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this, and I hope some of her answers to the questions from Kalzhun help you a bit like how she praised the Night Elf Druids as the best cat form. Meow. She says she loves elves, and that’s true but as I’m sure you can tell, she also loves druids… on both sides. :slight_smile: Seriously she’s almost as bad with her druids as I am with hunters.

EDIT: Oh and also, as a side note with something else you said, I am 100% on board with you on if she gets her blood elf druids, dark iron druids could be the balance. :slight_smile: When they announced the Dark Irons as a playable race I freaked because I’ve wanted to play a dark iron since vanilla, even to the point that in Legion I finally gave in to my total non-interest of vanilla dwarves and just made one… making her look as much like a dark iron as I could. But even then, leveling her was a chore because she was a boring dwarf… so then my precious dark irons! So soon as I unlocked them, I deleted her and remade her as a dark iron! I also made a dark iron hunter. Yeah. I have a hunter problem.

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Me, too. My horde main is a hunter. They’re just so fun to play.

I was just sad because they nerfed the DI’s four times (including a stealth nerf). I am convinced that if they weren’t nerfed, it would help entice horde players to reroll Alliance and we need that.

My hordie? 15-3 so far in BGs. Not exaggerating.

My point is that it would just be nice with a blue or dev coming out as strongly pro-Alliance. We never see that. :confused:

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(Rayla here ,posting this from my Dark Iron Hunter :stuck_out_tongue:)

Wait, what was done? I usually don’t pay attention to such things… I’m almost afraid to ask but…

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I hate you already.
Grats on your new job.

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When Dark Iron Dwarves were first released they were more powerful. They were nerfed three times officially and then once they were nerfed and it wasn’t in update notes (that’s what’s called a stealth nerf). People were interested in playing them with their racials but, to be honest, look at Alliance AR’s. That’s what Blizzard does; they announce something with good racials and slowly, over the course of a month or so, they nerf them into…meh. That way, when they announce, they can say, “Hey Alliance! Check this out!”

But what is released is NOT the same, so you have low AR participation.

For instance, Method was saying that if they released Mechagnomes as they were originally planned, they would transfer to Alliance. The first nerf came two days later. :confused:


This is Thanastasia and this is my hordie hunter. :slight_smile:

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Yea, but what changes did they make?