Hello! New Blue Here!

Whoa, whoa, whoa…

Shouldn’t you be playing on your Shaman right now?

… does anyone else feel like they just sighted a unicorn seeing Lore in here?

Oh… you’ll learn the Draenei /waggle and you’ll learn to like it!


Beaupeep don’t scare it off, you will make it run away back into the forest!


I have an idea what the cat form might look like, but if i say it then I’m gonna get flagged to hell. So i will keep it to myself.

Welcome to the forum version of STV. Maybe post once in awhile?

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Oof, these forums will be rough

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I love both factions, don’t you worry. Alliance already has an elf Druid, and they are wonderful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Coffee is my lifeblood. :coffee:

  • I won’t order pineapple myself, but if it’s pineapple vs. a cheese pizza, pineapple will win.

  • Waffles! I like the firmer texture and that they have built in syrup pockets.

:pie: I’m not a huge sweets person, but I would choose a pie over cake because they’re usually fruit based and tart.

10/10. I love puns! XD

So happy to finally be working with you Nethaera! :heart:


Woohoo! New Blues!

But before anything else, the community must know:

  • Which Druid cat form is best cat form?

  • Why are Kyrian blue? And why haven’t I seen one with a red hat?

  • If you love Elves, does that mean you love trolls too?

  • How does Lore like his burgers? The Tauren must know.

  • How much terror can a Terragrue stew when the trepidation of Torghast is all around you?

  • Is the Jailer secretly a Swolekin with his feathers plucked?

  • Do WoW characters ever have bad hair days?


Welcome! So happy for you and I wish you the very best. :smiley:

Yay! Welcome Linxy, its great to see you and to see the presence of another CM on these forums! Welcome welcome!

/record scratch

I see…

/judging intensifies

Well… while championing Blood Elf Druids is nice, honestly all race/class combo championing is great! (Vulpera and Kul’tiran Paladins when?) However, I am sure there are some Quel’dorei fans who would love to have another champion to their cause! Don’t forget the brothers and sisters in blue who would love some validation :wink:

If a train leaves Blackrock Foundry moving at Epic Flight Speed at 3pm AU Draenor time and another train leaves Warsong Hold moving at Epic Ground Mount Speed at 4:15pm AU Draenor time then when will our glorious true Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, be redeemed?

Right, Bubsy Bobcat it is!


Good luck; have fun!

(and apologies in advance for any headaches)

Welcome new blue. If you could you please recommend that Tauren rogues should be a playable race and I’ll support you on blood elf Druids.


Byucknah has been summoned!

people keep tryin to force the new kitty to do things already…

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I have heard the call, friend Hawkéns! I am assuming Chili Fries have already been offered up to the new CM?


May I recommend compiling a list daily or weekly of the hottest topics, getting Blizzards official stance, and keeping the community updated on these hot topics. I loved it when a previous MMORPG i played back in 2001-2004 did this

I also left a warnin not to touch the bagels too, oh and to wipe his feet, but i guess i should of said paws since new cm is a kitty.


Repent for your sins!

Personally, I like the Coin of Many Faces. It lets you turn into a random follower from the Garrison - since there’s so many, you never know who you’ll get.

I was sold the moment I actually got the Jinyu appearance (I’ve wanted to play one ever since I started in MoP)

Hi Linxxy!

Much love from Moo and me. You’ll do great :slight_smile:
Don’t forget, you need to help with the corgi stealing. :sweat_smile:

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A Tseric style meltdown

Waffles are just pancakes with Abs… anyways…

To, Lore/ Nethaera/ Kaivax…

Linxy seem’s so nice, why are you subjecting them to the GD? Is it a hazing ritual?