Heirlooms bonus suggestions and feedback

I would like to suggest that set bonus for Heirlooms contains some of those:

  • Cooldown reduction for Hearthstone
  • Increase flight speed for flight travel
  • The “[Flight Master’s Whistle]” ability
  • Any kind of moviment increase
    (all of those only available while level 59-)

Here is my feedback about the current set bonus:

  • The rested consumption is bad, but not terrible.
  • The rest of the bonuses are completely useless.

The person that created this 2(+2) minutes stat bonus each time you level looks like never leveled one single character in WoW, unless you are in a dungeon (in this case you have a buff for 0.5% of the dungeon duration) you will spend all this power killing 1 or 2 mobs for a quest, in the best scenario. Odds are you will receive this magnificent buff while turning in a quest and doing NOTHING with it.


It’s true. The level up buff seems designed by the same minds that came up with the DIII legendary gem for helms - in ARPG, level ups happen chaotically in the fray. But WoW is largely story driven. Not the best implementation.


I wholeheartedly agree that the new set bonus is bad. Nice try and thanks for the idea of a set added to looms. Please for the love of Azeroth change the set bones to something more like the Suggestions above.


Tested out the heirlooms…the only thing that really REALLY annoys is when you’re in a neutral area, you level, you’ll pull EVERYTHING that’s close to you and you’ve a fight on your hands.

Maybe have that only happen if you’re in combat, if that’s possible. I had to fight off a herd of deer, two harpys, an ogre when I leveled three times near mobs and had the level glow up go off.

This is the official post about heirlooms changes:

AH, thank you!

That’s beta, I’m not in that, I was in current PTR. Hopefully someone will bring this issue across to there.

At this point I don’t have enough faith in Blizzard to believe they’ll make an interesting set bonus that fits what people need for leveling. Just un-nerf them back to their blue quality so they aren’t weaker than leveling greens. I think at that point people can be satisfied with them.


Aside from the obvious shortfalls of the Power bonus often happening when I’m not near mobs, ie quest hubs and town for turn in. Even when I’m out killing mobs and I get the buff I find it hard to keep it up on slower classes. The run time between mobs allows the +5 seconds each mob gives to fall off. It’s barely enough time to loot and move on.

All the bonuses need to be reworked. Many good suggestions have been stated in multiple threads so I’m just sounding off that it still sucks after I’ve played with it.

Nothing about bonuses which discourage playing(needing rest xp which accumulates In rest areas only) and buffs which don’t trigger consistently in a useful situation(the 2+2 buff) is fun to me.

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To add to heirlooms: I started with enough heirlooms to not trigger Burst of Knowledge. While an interesting idea, the fact it starts combat on any neutral mob nearby is detrimental. Sure, if it goes off while fighting, but when turning in quests, it’s a liability.

I’m in Mists of Pandaria, Chromie time, with a Kul Tiran which began at L10. Though I started out in heirlooms plus the starting gear of the Allied race, I’ve since replaced all of the starting gear save for 4 pieces of heirloom: helm, cloak, neck, shoulder. In buying the gear out of Dawn’s Blossom and the quested gear, to me, heirlooms aren’t as much of a factor. They’re good for not replacing gear as you level, but that Burst of Knowledge at 6 pieces really should be changed to something else that won’t pull everything and their hozen over while within neutral mobs.

I’d be in all the heirlooms if not for Burst of Knowledge, however, running with quested and purchased gear from an npc is enough to get thru content. Heirloom have higher stats and secondaries but quested and purchased gear are a good second.

I know many liked heirlooms for the extra xp boost, leveling to 120 was a pain. But going to 50, it actually feels like leveling. And, for me at least, there’s little to no concern about out leveling content, which is a plus for me.

Just tossing in my few cents, ty for reading this far.

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Heirlooms are garbage now. They’re barely better than dungeon blues and chances are you have no rested XP to benefit from. A holy damage proc? Big whoop.

I don’t care about the journey anymore. I’ve leveled 20+ toons to max. I just want to hit max and be done with it. If I didn’t already have the whole set I wouldn’t bother with these.

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heh heh…Im such a fool I just spent another 120,000 upgrading more looms to max.

And that’s what I don’t like about the new heirlooms.

At this point, I’d settle for them removing Burst, and making them scale from 1-50 WITHOUT the expensive upgrades.

In leveling my new toon, I’m slowly replacing out the heirlooms for quested/dropped gear. The stats and secondaries are just better more often than not.

Give us heirloom boots finally and let it have +run speed boost on it.
And it stack with the old minor run speed enchant.

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