Heirloom Changes Discussion

I have a fully upgraded set for each armor type because at some point I thought I remember seeing we got a bonus for using the proper armor for our class, plate for warriors, etc. I think it has since been removed for reasons unknown to me.


I don’t remember the set bonuses, but something like the Class Order Hall tier set bonuses would be nice. (# 3 is an expanded version of one of the bonuses.)

I would also like to see generic, TONED DOWN, versions of the Archimonde trinkets.

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I couldn’t care less about the XP discussion and how fast it is going to take to level, but the changes are very weak. I can think of any number of better alternatives:

Speed increase
A buff similar the the old BoK or MotW (10% increase to stats)
Re-use some of the generic Azerite traits they have currently on a scaled down basis
1% more gold like the ZTrolls
Etc etc

Make them all only work until 59 so no one is using them endgame.


That 3 piece set with “battlegrounds” will not leave beta with “in battlegrounds” on it.


They are just useless now. No tweaks no better than average gear bonus.
Just junk. PLEASE GIVE US our gold back.


Reading it again, the description is ambiguous. I thought it would only proc when you gained a level, then immediately stop. But, it could also be an aura… That follows you around for four minutes tagging everything in sight making sure you can’t get out of combat.

It doesn’t mention being a proc of any sort, so it doesn’t sound like it will activate when you whack a mob or something.


Converting them to scalable enchants could be neat too.

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Wait until people see this lol.
These changes are so bad that I don’t feel like I have to even say anything about it.
They are so bad that I know 99% of the community will hate it :rofl:

When people come home from work and see

They’re going to lose it lol


The rested xp bonus seems pretty nonsensical. For a player, either they will level fast enough that it has no effect, or they will level slower and it will be helpful and then what happened to the original reasoning “we found that the experience bonuses that come from Heirlooms were no longer necessary and instead, made the new leveling experience feel very awkward with the extra leveling speed.”


Utility bonuses like movement speed, mount speed, hearthstone CD, health/speed/dmg whatever buff on kill, etc make the overall process faster without reducing how far you go through the zone stories.


Scalable enchants could be interesting.

Or, 2/3-piece allow instant mounting like the magic broom, and 4/5-piece a flight-master’s whistle for all content.


That would be fantastic.

Edit: If they are gonna take the stance that the bonus experience isn’t needed in the SL leveling experience, then they should decide to take it and let the heirlooms have bonuses that make the level process smoother outside of the concept of experience. This riding the fence deal isn’t going to be popular.


Finish the sets Blizzard, allow us to have mog perfection while leveling :blue_heart:


I do realize that, but it doesn’t matter in the slightest imo. I paid real money on tokens to upgrade my heirlooms, and I was only willing to do that because of the value of having the XP boost available for all future WoW characters I created. Without the XP bonus these items are just plain worthless, regardless of how quick the leveling process will be without it.


Completely and utterly irellevant to the discussion of heirlooms, honestly.

The current iteration of set bonuses are not a collection of “bonuses” for a lot of people. I am glad Blizzard adressed the problem of heirlooms being pretty much mandatory as the stats and xp-bonus combined make them in BFA bloated.

Doesn’t change the fact that the set-bonuses we’re getting are an absolute joke.


I would like to see them fill out the missing four slots (boots, gloves, braces, belt).

I’d like them to remove the cloak, rings, trinkets, weapons and offhand from the set. That would leave the eight armor slots, for the 6-piece bonus.

I would like the cloak to give a movement bonus.

I would like generic to role trinkets. Something like the Archy ones? Toss in tertiary stats, too (leech, avoidance, etc.).

I would like gem slots to be added.


Originally I believe that was the requirement to benefit from mastery, idk if that’s still the case though.


I like that they are exploring different adjustments to the heirloom gear but I agree with the majority that the changes are lackluster. I don’t mind that the actual XP bonuses are gone, though. Leveling speeds will be fine so there isn’t any reason to have XP boosts. I would like to see some things on the gear that assist the leveling process that we will have come Shadowlands. Life regen isn’t something WoW has needed in a very long time so I don’t really see a place for it. The level-up bonus isn’t super interesting to me. So, I’ll list a few ideas of what I believe might be neat:

  1. Teleport back to the main zone hub or your next leveling zone (would be cool to have icons on the map for TP locations or something)
  2. Teleport to the nearest flight path
  3. Killing an enemy increases your speed and damage by x% (with a cap)
  4. Extra treasure/gold from mobs
  5. Dungeon bosses drop an extra item
  6. Summon vendor to sell stuff
  7. Summon a goblin from Diablo 3 to loot mobs for you (lol)
  8. Leveling up damages all nearby mobs for moderate damage
  9. Mount instantly
  10. Change talents with a short cooldown
  11. Hearthstone cant be interrupted by damage (Obv not for war mode)
  12. Increased XP gained from herbing/mining?
  13. Faster corpse runs

Maybe the heirloom weapons could have some unique utility as well.


More primary stat = directly more damage and healing.

Yeah but thats a 2 minute buff that you’ll only get a certain number of times over your leveling experience. Also rip you if you decide to quest level, you’ll never proc it to be useful.


This guy is a pure genius.