Heartseeker transfers closing

Horde! Last chance to transfer over! Please, do so now!

Otherwise, re-roll here, please! Thank you!

We should post on Faerlina and Stalagg (where transfers to Heartseeker are available).

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They’re available on Skeram too.

Spread the word!

There are 10 servers that can transfer here.

Incedius (where I came from)

Need more bad Horde to kill in Searing/BRD


"Tomorrow, October 2, at approximately 11:00 a.m. PDT, we will close the free character move service for the two realms that have had free character moves to Heartseeker.

If you have been looking to move from Faerlina or Stalagg to Heartseeker, we suggest you use the free character move service as soon as possible.

Thank you!"

I came here from Incendius during that same time period. I can assure, there were more than 2 servers with the option to move over, as you can read in the blue post I linked. Furthermore, there was no announcement that server transfers from any of the other realms were being closed. As such, one can only assume that they are still open.

With the closure of moves from Faerlina and Stalagg, that would leave 8 other realms still able to feed into Heartseeker.

They had closed transfer every monday then reopened for the weekend. They did not keep it open for 20 days.

I am just saying you were factually wrong. Accept it and move on.

What are you trying to argue? I came from Skeram…

That during the last transfer period (which was the past weekend), only Stalagg and Faerlina had transfer open to Heartseeker. The person insisted that other realms had transfer open to Heartseeker and thus we should go tell those other servers to come to Heartseeker. Understood?

No, not understood. I transferred during the weekend.

Well if you transferred during last 5 days, then Blue Post is wrong.

Care to provide the source stating that each and every set of transfers closed on a Monday and new ones opened on a Tuesday?

I transferred over on a Wednesday.

I never once posted anything incorrect. Especially since all I did was quote Kaivax. If something was factually incorrect, then it is to Kaivax you should address your complaint.