{Heartseeker} {A} <Execute Order> 15/15 Naxx Wed/Thurs 9pm - 12am EST

(Execute Order) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are a reform of another guild with 15/15 Naxx experience. Looking for a few permanent raiders to round out our roster for Naxx farming and to head into TBC with us. All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of class.

-15/15 Naxx
-9/9 AQ40

Raid Schedule:
Main Days: Wednesday/Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am EST (ST)
Cleanup Day: Monday 9:00pm - 12:00am EST (ST)

Loot System:
Open bid DKP via Monolith DKP addon. 10% weekly decay

Current Needs:
Resto Druid - High
Feral Druid - None
Hunter - None
Mage - High
Priest - Med
Paladin - Med
Rogue - Med
Warlock - None
DPS Warrior - High
Tank Warrior - None

Our Expectations:
Even though we have Naxx on farm, we expect full effort from everyone. We are NOT looking to carry people through Naxx. Our goal is to push parses and be a top guild heading into TBC.

Contact Information:
Feel free to send us a message in game or join our discord and get in touch that way.
In game contacts: Autoshotz, Gracelynne, Gulrik, Kodend, Trunsta, Ceeshore, Cyptic, Stephe
Discord: KZVJYJNeb6

Recruiting exceptional ret pallies that actually get WB’s and bring 100% consumes with 16years of Ret Paladin exp?