Heart of the wild question

noob druid here, question about heart of the wild. im a little confused on how it works especially pertaining to guardian spec. when i click it does it do anything to me while im in bear form? does moonfire from bear form benefit from this or only when im in owl ?

its also a five minute cooldown so im assuming its powerful but i dont see how. If Im tanking and have to switch to cat form to benefit from the cat buffs seems strange but im sure im wrong. any help

Heart of the wild only benefits off specs forms.

I believe the point of Heart of the Wild is to give you an opportunity to provide a brief but meaningful role outside of your current spec. In other words, if you are in Guardian spec, if you were to swap aggro with another tank due to a mechanic (assuming you are raiding), you could pop Heart of the Wild when aggro is off you, switch to cat and do some short burst damage, or switch to healing and throw out some off-heals. Or maybe you’re playing Feral (melee) and there’s a mechanic that forces you to get away from the target for 15 seconds. You could pop Heart of the Wild and start using Balance abilities to keep some decent damage up until you can safely get back in melee range.

But yes, you have to switch to a different form to gain the benefits of the cooldown. It is pretty much only useful in group content.

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ah ok perfect thanks