Heart of Azeroth

Okay, I hit 50 yesterday (Alliance Hunter). Later in the day I logged in and deleted all the quests I had (except a few) to clear all the trash. Then a friend says, “Let’s get the Heart of Azeroth”. I had done the Battle for Lordaeron before but could never go further. Anyways, she says, it should be in your Quest log, you got it when you hit 50. Of course there is nothing there now. And I can’t find it anywhere in Azeroth, how the heck do I get it back? Thanks.

According to this you need to talk to the Earthen Guardian in Boralus. He’s standing outside a building in between the scrapper & the Snug Harbor Inn.

If that doesn’t work, my next suggestion would be to travel to SIlithus & try talking to Magni outside the Chamber of the Heart. It’s located on the west side of the giant sword sticking out of the ground.


Thank You! That worked perfectly, much appreciated.

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