Heart of Azeroth necklace not account wide?

(Orctang) #149

You say this like it is not going to happen. By the end of the expansion the catch up mechanism will be so great it will jump very high immediately.

(Akston) #150

How do you know how much time he spent in game working on it over the holidays? Did I miss something?

If you don’t like repetitive mechanics, MMORPGs may not be for you. Since they are the corner stone of every MMORPG I have ever seen created.

(Quenya) #151

What do you care? You’re 70.

(Sieten) #152

Well yeah so it’s just better to unsub and wait for a couple of weeks, perhaps even 8.2.5 to restart playing.

(Sevaryn) #153

There are a lot of things to be yelling about, but this isn’t really one of them. The decay already in place means an alt is likely to rival or surpass your main’s Az level from the solo questline, occasional AP emissary, and flubbed bonus roll. My alt’s Az 34 and hasn’t really done much of any WQ or dungeons that gave AP as a reward. That’s already enough to claim everything but the +5 at the end of a 385 piece, and to get all primary traits in Dazar gear.

TBH I’m more surprised that 17 was as high as he got even as a fresh 120.


Got to HoA 38 on the main, established my role as a flex healer in my new guild, worked on M Ghuun (we’re almost entering phase 3), did almost the entire +10 FoS(just need Motherlode), Finished up some reps so I’m now 3 away from 100 Exalted reps, made like 300k gold…

I could keep going… but I was only talking about an alt I didn’t put any effort into originally.


honestly…i spent 1 week on my dh…leveled him from 113 to 120, HoA up to 29. doing all the world quests i can in the alloted time and have a job on top of that so i can enjoy my game and when i feel ive reached my limit on gearing…i got 4 other toons im going to do the same damn thing too…so please…play minecraft or something if you cant handle the grind :slight_smile:

(Demo) #158

That’s the way to handle all the criticism in this thread, pick the one guy that’s a d-bag and belittle him instead of responding to the people bringing up real issues, good job!

(Dvis) #159

Don’t need developer approval to belittle players, only to answer game-play issues.

(Akston) #160

What real issues are being brought up that you feel he could respond to?

(Qpack) #161

The issues that were already addressed in the Q&A but people just like to keep their heads in the sand and keep complaining.

(Akston) #162

Who was belittled?

(Dvis) #163

No idea, I wasn’t the one making the claim. Also, my post was a joke. Thought that was evident.

(Akston) #164

Sorry, didn’t realize it as a joke. I’ve just seen people make way too many off the wall statements, that should have been a joke…and take them seriously.

My bad.

(Stabalicious) #165

The reduction has only paused for high end. I remember having to farm 17k azerite for like heart level 20. Now for alts it’s like 1k, even during the pause.

The pause only really effects those at greater than heart level 33 or so (the current highest requirement for the last ring of 385 gear)

It works something like this (numbers are not accurate)

Heart level: (H1 means heart level 1)
H1| H2| H3| H4| H5 | H6| H7| H8| H9|H10

1k | 1k | 1k | 2k | 3k | 4k | 5k
1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 2k | 3k | 4k | 5k
1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 2k | 3k | 4k | 5k
1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 1k | 2k | 3k | 4k | 5k

As you can see the “2-5K” window keeps moving up. The numbers go beyond 5k, but “pausing” the mechanism does not impact what has already been reduced at lower levels.

(Selith) #166

Afraid not I just hate the Heart of Azeroth its a useless trinket… I wish they just keeped ability to get old necks was much better system… Current Wow is just grind grind grind…

I hate all the RNG I still need a head piece and rings and trinkets and sword to complete set but RNG wont give it to me…

I am done with this game as soon as sub ends in April.

But I am getting Warcraft 3 the new remastered one which will be a better game then Wow.

(Bojanglz) #167

I take it you didn’t play Legion or any expansion if you thought this should be shared. Artifact weapons weren’t shared account wide and you had to grind up each toon.

Why do people keep trying to blame BfA for things that happened in other expansions? Good lord it is getting old.

(Selith) #168

No people are sick of the RNG sick of the massive grinding this expansion has caused it was not as bad in legion and the grind was worth the effort the artifcat weapons unlocked cool abilites and made it worth your time to level it up.

Heart of Azeroth does no such thing.

(Akston) #169

The grind was MUCH worse in Legion.

You had to grind everything must more. For off specs and alts.

(Selith) #170

But it was worth it more cooler stuff.