Heart of Azeroth necklace not account wide?

(Daemonium) #4

Exactly what, in the last several expansions, led you to believe Blizzard would implement anything that lessened any of the grinds?

(Rhielle) #5

Artifact weapons weren’t even spec wide for AP. You honestly expected them to make the HoA account wide? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Itsuki) #7

Starting off the year well, aren’t we OP?

(Illidonkey) #8

They made it so you don’t even have to farm champs of Azeroth rep on alts anymore. I really don’t know what else you want seeing as account wide HoA would be completely broken. Grats on making it to 110 and starting BFA here’s an ilvl 500 necklace to replace your 160 questing necklace


With the 30% weekly AP reduction it should take way less time to level up alt necklaces as time goes on.


The weekly reduction makes a huge difference on alts. I was able to get my DK to 120 and HoA lvl 17 over the Christmas break with no actual grinding. The account wide Champions of Azeroth credit is great but the weekly reduction is more than enough for alts.


What weekly reduction? Oh that thing you paused a while back to increase time played metrics so people have to regrind stuff they already had when the raid launches.

Imagine coming back from xmas break and this is the first blue response. smh


It shouldn’t be account wide. Every character has different ways to customize the HoA.

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As if he ever did troll people.



(Kwashiorkor) #19

So what you’re saying is that if we stop playing right now and come back in half a year, we’ll be able to get that necklace up to level 50 without any grind? That sounds like a great idea!

(Illidonkey) #21



Ion already spoke at length about this in the last Q&A but we admit it doesn’t feel good. The lack of reduction really only negatively affects very high end players pushing for absurdly high Azerite levels, we’re talking 40-44 (looking at you Myppoo you insane person you). For anything under that the levels are still within reasonable amounts to gain another level, plus 37-38 is all that you need to get ring 3 on even Mythic Dazar’alor gear.

We know it doesn’t feel good to put in more work to unlock the exact same traits you just had, and we said in the last Q&A that we’re working on that.

8.1.5 Raid Azerite Gear
(Voxplaga) #23

This must be a troll. You would have really loved legion.


Not sure what you mean. You get the entire ilevel bump on alts free and then each of my new alts was easily level 30-33 with zero grinding while my main is at 34. I mean the catch-up mechanics are real.

The only thing that really happened is that they stagnated my main until Jan 22, but even then, I don’t grind anyway so what do I care? All they will successfully do is make any new azerite gear I get “less fun” because stuff will be locked. GG Bliz.


Someone’s a bit hostile today, aren’t they?

(Voxplaga) #26

I mean, sure, that’s how it was with legion too. That being said, you’d miss a lot of content while it’s current if you did that. I don’t know about you, but I play because I enjoy the content, not because I want to level a piece of gear that doesn’t even need to be leveled atm.

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Man, you gotta stop posting on topic and about the game! People could get used to that stuff.

Also. Tom Hardy? With the TIFF logo in the background? :rofl:

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Account wide would be awesome though .Every new alt in bfa would be at that neck level and would contribute to increasing it much like honor levels . But i feel they would make the grind longer much liek they did with honor levels :rofl::rofl: