Heart of Azeroth and Legendary Cloak Changes

(Kaivax) #1

In the Visions of N’Zoth PTR, we’re removing what we called the “infinite” at Heart Level 85. It was intended to allowing for an open-ended increase to Corruption resistance.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from players, and we agree, that there’s value in being able to reach a point where you’re essentially done with Artifact Power.

  • Increasing the Artifact Level of the Heart after unlocking its final Stamina node will continue to increase the Heart of Azeroth’s item level by 2 per step, but otherwise, major progression will end at Artifact Level 80.

To complement this, we’re adding an item in Visions of N’Zoth that players will earn once they’ve upgraded their legendary cloak to its maximum potential via Horrific Visions or from defeating N’Zoth on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty, or from fully completing a Horrific Vision with at least one Mask active. This item will fortify the cloak, adding additional Corruption Resistance and allowing players to earn the ability to wear more Corrupted armor pieces as time goes by.

We see this as similar to the way that legendary upgrade items were awarded by Archimonde or Argus the Unmaker at the end of the last two expansions – it should provide players who prefer to not do organized raiding with a way to have an engaging option for pursuing this reward.

Voice your opinion on legendary cloak corruption resistance
8.3 & essences.. will you play?
(Kittenhugs) #2

Good change, however this seems a little contradictory…

(Reese) #3

You need to cap Essence scaling as well. They should no longer scale with neck item level after 80.

(Maryine) #4

Will the heart stop leveling at 85 and all AP turn to gold like it does now with 70?

(Suzumiyaharu) #5

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(Omegall) #6

Agree, i get that removing corruption sort of removes the mandate, but the infinite grind is still there. I’m rathor enjoying that with neck at 70 right now I can earn extra gold. when i read this, I hoped it meant same as 80 but now it’s basically worse. Now we’ll continue earning AP instead of gold, for NO REASON. That’s a terrible idea.

blizzard, don’t nerf the infinite trait, REMOVE IT.

(Vincentiu) #7

Or not give us gold at all. Just let us MAX the necklace and be done with it.

(Omegall) #8

So you would have the table missions, and world quests that give AP, give nothing? Yeah that’ll make people do them. :smiley:

If you didn’t know, if neck is capped at 70 right now, AP rewards are replaced with gold. That’s what a REAL cap does. A fake cap in 8.3 will mean you continue earning AP instead for almost no gratifiying reward.

Making the neck have a real MAX of 80 instead of a fake one via a nerfed but not removed infinite grind, IS solution I proposed. You should be more informed in your replies :slight_smile:

(Vincentiu) #9

I know you gain gold. But if they for any chance don’t want that and that is why they would put another infinite trait then get rid of the gold gains as well.

(Metrohaha) #10

Not in love at first sight here, but the main reason i was excited for the infinite thing was so i could still have reasons to play my main after he is fully geared.
Mostly, so i could potentially wear more and more corrupted items, but i suppose you are accounting for that.

Its a shame that you listened to feedback like that, because it sounds like its coming from people who enjoy stopping their play habits.

Geuss it will depend how much resistance we get from these sources though.

If its way more than we would have gotten from a single neck slot, it will probably work out much better in the end.


We don’t need endless progression. Endless progression only hurts the game - There’s never a point where you can say “I did it, I got what I wanted.”

This isn’t a removal. This is a nerf, that keeps yet another form of endless progression in place. Don’t keep endless progression in place. Remove it entirely.


NO NO NO. Just make it cap out entirely, no extra IL, nothing. A REALISTIC CAP. We are tired of this endless garbage that still offers power gain, even small power gains.


As it stands in 8.2, achieving the current hard cap of neck level 70 comes with the added bonus of the mission table and world quests no longer rewarding artifact power and instead providing order resources or gold. With an infinite neck level, this avenue is closed.
More concerning is that an artifact power grind with no hard cap potentially means that essence effects will continue to scale indefinitely and maintain the social pressure some guilds have to “keep up” with their peers’ neck levels. If essence effects stop scaling after 80 then I don’t see infinite levels being bad for a tiny amount of power over time that most can safely ignore.

As for the cloak, with current ptr reward values you can access roughly two horrific visions a week if doing every single daily source of currency along with weekly and biweekly ones compared to roughly 1.5 a week if ignoring the dailies. That amount of busywork will add up really quickly for players trying to maintain multiple characters or those that come to the patch later than the first-to-play. Would it be more reasonable to put a hard cap on the upgrade item of one per week or some form of catchup system to prevent people grinding themselves to burnout for extra cloak rewards over time?


afaik essences do not scale with HoA level.

(Xæthron) #15

The alternative is literally having your AP change to gold (in worthless amounts) or Resources (which will be irrelevant in about a year). Let me have that big pee pee ilvl.

(Reese) #16

What? Yes, they do. Go on your lower neck level alts and note some of the numbers down for Essences. Then go level your neck a few times and see what the numbers are. They will go up.

(Xæthron) #17

Vision minor increases by 0.3% every heart level. Easiest example


Please explain like I’m 5, because it sounds like you removed one grind and replaced it with two more.

(Tadpo) #19

I didn’t mind the “infinite” node, but I think this statement is a little unfair. I know of many players who will set a goal, pursue it, then move on to another one. The artifact power system is frustration for these players because they don’t feel like they can move on to pursuing a different goal because they can’t allow themselves to get too far behind in AP acquisition.

Regardless, the major “goal” of artifact power gathering in 8.3 is being replaced with acquiring as much “corruption resistance” as possible - so this change simply keeps the priority on the “new AP”.

Corrupted gear isn’t a replacement for Titanforging/Warforging. It’s a replacement for Azerite gear, only instead of farming to unlock traits (no active traits = temporary set back), you’re farming to “unlock” the ability to use the equipment with fewer negative consequences. (corruption effect = temporary set back). I miss the time when the excitement of acquiring an “upgrade” wasn’t countered so strongly by the question of “how badly am I screwing myself if I use this?”

(Metrohaha) #20

That’s a problem with the perception of the system, not the reality.
There is no such thing as “falling behind.” There is only getting ahead.
Now, without Titanforging and with a cap on AP grinding, the presumable 10 month raid tier is going to be miserable at the end.
Everyone will have hit a wall in power gains with no reason to continue playing mains a few months in.

At least given the old system, getting more and more AP over time would mean eventually you’d be so powerful you’d be able to wear every slot with corrupted gear.

We will see how this new proposal works out. It may end up being better, and if that’s the case that would be great.

But as it stands right now, it looks like there will be considerably less incentive to play the game over a long period of time on a single character.
I suppose that’s what a dead system like AP looks like, but I can’t help but think they listened to the opposite feedback on this topic.

Its like saying “we heard you guys say Mythic raiding was too difficult, so we nerfed the bosses by 50 percent each.”
The way to solve an “infinite progression” that makes you feel like you can never move on isn’t remove it.
Its for the player to stop being hyper focused on a small issue and instead play the game the way they want and continue to reap the benefits over time.

All that aside the major issue here is there likely isn’t going to be an Artifact knowledge system for this.

If you miss your acquisition for the week, you are just going to be 1 behind always.