Health Potions Update

In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, health potions now have a 5 minute cooldown. Additionally, they are no longer limited to one use per encounter.

Similar to the recent change to combat potions, this is intended to make potion use less of a hassle, less expensive, and more decision-oriented in various situations throughout the game.

Health potions will continue to be in a separate cooldown category from Healthstones and combat potions. Additionally, the Kyrian Phial of Serenity is now on a separate cooldown from health potions, and has been updated to restore 20% health, with a 3 minute cooldown. However, Phial of Serenity is limited to one use per encounter.



Healthstones just got that much more valuable! Welcome, warlocks.


How do I dislike a post?


How will the Phial of Serenity encounter limitation interact with Forgelite Prime Mikanikos’ Forgelight Filter ability? If the intent is to completely limit the Phial to once per fight, this soulbind ability might need a redesign.


This is one of those changes that feels like it has pretty low impact on most of the game, but a gigantic impact on M+. All the while it seems that part of the game was not even considered when making the change. Please reconsider this, along with the 5 min CD on utility potions, speed pots (Lightfoot/Skystep) in particular.


Again Blizzard, your fake concern about raid costs was ALWAYS IN YOUR CONTROL. As strange as it seems, you own the code that controls the rarity and spawn rate of herbs which directly correlates to the cost of the potions.


Is Phial still unusable in arena? If so, is this intended or a bug?


Health pots have never been expensive.


I feel like this makes Phial of Serenity almost a really lackluster ability for some classes (like paladin). It was already kind of a stretch to use prior to this change due to the low HP return, a lot of classes being able to remove debuffs, and not cleansing magic abilities. Now we can get 3 charges every 5 minutes, but you can only use them once every 3 mins. Additionally, 20% seems low for a 3 min cooldown covenant ability. For a covenant ability, I would prefer to see something like 30-35% for 3 mins without the once per combat restriction and cleanses magic debuffs in addition to the others. I’m only speaking from a PvE perspective though.

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Will we be able to use Healthstones more than once per encounter?

Please let us use Healthstones more than once per encounter.

It would be nice if they would fix the healing potions. Shadowland’s Spiritual Healing Potion restores 10,180 health. BfA’s Abyssal Healing Potion restores 13,030 health. Both of these are at level 60.

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I don’t see how this change achieves any of those goals.

Not that it’s necessarily a bad change. It just doesn’t seem to be a change that really amounts to much.

Also, health potions cost literal pennies, so I’m scratching my head at why that’s even a concern.

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Phial of Serenity needs to be usable multiple times per encounter similar to other covenants signature ability. Necrolords and kyrain signatures are already weaker then venthyr and night fae.


You do understand that the biggest draw to Phial is the fact that it clears all Poisons, Diseases, Curses and Bleeds right? It’s not meant to be some giga heal. If you need that, use the Soulbind node that gives an extra 35%.

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A couple of questions here:

  • Will they be reset when resetting a raid boss, like other cooldowns?
  • Could this be annoying because “Oh, I used my health pot during trash just before the boss…” within a raid. Is this taken into consideration when you say “decision oriented”? This starts to feel like “I should die instead of use a potion”, which seems rather weird to me for a decision.
  • Is the code in place where if there is a desired change by encounter/dungeon type this could be modified in the future? For example, lets say for M+s it would feel better to do 4 minutes instead of 5 minutes, as the encounter types are clearly different, would it be possible to change that in the future based on raid vs. dungeon vs. world? The utilization concepts of health potions are rather different between the three.

The 5min potions feel awful on beta. 2-3 potions per m+ is not enjoyable at all.

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Health potions are an essential part of surviving in high mythic plus. They are extremely cheap on live and it’s not uncommon to make hundreds at once because of how low-cost they are.

The idea that this change eases the economic burden is entirely false. If that was a concern, make them cheaper to craft instead of limiting their use. No retailer IRL has a ‘sale’ that allows you to save money by buying less things, that is absurd.

Healthstone/health pot/defensive usage separates good dps from great dps in high m+, removing that just narrows the skill gap even further, though I suppose that that is a good thing in Blizzard’s eyes.


For a paladin, the debuff clears is less useful since we can already do poisons and diseases (more interesting for holy so they can do two cleanses back to back…but I don’t generally play holy). For me the biggest draw would be the heal. The 35% additional as a HoT is interesting, just not the use case I was interested in as a tank (I’m more looking for a reactionary instant heal like a health pot style). I can’t test that conduit this week due to the lockout so I don’t know if that is 20% + 35% = 55%, or 20% * 1.35 = 27%. Has anyone figured out how the 35% is applied via testing?

It literally ups the heal to 55% over 10 seconds. Have tried it myself. Tooltip also confirms this if you choose this soulbind. Assuming its not broken or changed now.

Well that’s so not true. The control is in the people who sell them on the AH. Bots gather herbs, AH barons make pots, charge what they want, buy out low pots and raise prices. to say the pot price is in the hands on Blizz is ignorant.

What blizz has done is lower YOUR costs by limiting the amount you can use in in keys and open world thus stopping you from needing to buy so many :slight_smile: