Healing struggle

My IL is 202…not fantastic but not super low. So trying to heal +7&8 Mithic this week has caused me to wonder how the heck other Druids are doing it.

My hots just aren’t keeping the group up and my regrowth doesn’t feel all that strong. After trash pulls, it takes everything I have to keep the group alive during the fight. After the fight, I almost go oom trying to remove the Grievous debuff. I even tried Germination to get extra hots rolling but the heals are just too weak.

I can honestly say that R Druids need substantial buffs. Not just healing wise but mana costs need to come down.

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Are you sure you’re qualified to speak on what resto druid needs?

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So you’re saying they’re fine?

As mastery levels progress druids will, be easier as the expansion progresses in M+. If you are struggling in 7s and 8s that’s a player issue. I was pugging 7s and 8s 10 ilvls below you and dungeons have gone through several round of nerfs since then. Currently the biggest issue for druids is contributing decent dps, the healing side of things is completely manageable. I mean you chose a completely terrible legendary and you want to blame druid healing?

Grievous is fairly punishing this week especially combined with Fortified.

That being said with your ilvl you should be able keys around the +11 range in good pugs but you do have a terrible leggo and your talented into some highly questionable choices

I’d read some guides watch some
Vids and come back later

Also take into note your groups incoming damage. If they’re taking unnecessary damage and therefore getting unnecessary stacks, a lot of it is on them.

And if they’re not helping between pulls to heal up or top off, just a bad group. Bad groups are especially punishing to Resto Druids

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What you are seeing has been noticed by Blizzard and changes to help Druid healing are on the PTR.

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You’ll do better with flourish than you will with Germination right now. Set up the window with innervate and it’ll bump your WG up to 15 seconds. Gives you a really nice opportunity to regrowth without needing to worry about too much other than your positioning.

Germination can be fine imo but it is a lot of globals, a lot of mana, and takes a long time to setup but I like it for abundance and whenever I run something like SD as a comfort pick even if it’s not better.

As for grevious it’ll stack up if your just letting HoTs tick unless they’re going to go above the health threshold. The only HoT I’d ever let tick would be on something with an absorb shield that has a health buffer (mage has shield, windwalker removes 1-2 stacks from chi wave and expel harm, warriors have ignore pain and impending victory, etc) otherwise its very easy for a DPS to end up with 3 or 4 stacks despite having been held steady above 75% health. Unless it’s a SoTF rejuv it probably won’t out pace it either and you’ll really fall behind if you have to start rejuv spamming with germ when that happens.

Best thing you can do is get enough rejuvs out for your abundance mana reduction and start pumping one at a time in order of priority to clear the debuff. If you don’t think you need to WG then a SOTF NS usually hits for about 60k.


This week sux with the grievous affixes but doable. If you have bad pugs with constant tank pulling and people getting hit that they can avoid. There’s no turning back especially for sanguine depth. A catch up game is hard for druid when people have 3-4 stacks with lower than 50% hp. But the best talent for this week is flourish and try tree of life with innovate so u can do knstant regrowth to get rid of grevious stacks.

Even with gear, talents and your legendary you shouldn’t really be struggling with grievous. I’m 7 ilvl above you and clear 12s easily. I’d look at YouTube clips of druids and how they handle healing through aoe damage. I don’t know if you are but if you’re trying to balance damage and healing right now I’d just stop trying to damage. Focus all on healing until you get the hang of it.

Also, if your healing is adequate but your group is taking unnecessary amounts of damage then grievous is going to be rough

grievous is pretty difficult to deal with, especially for lesser experienced druids (not saying this applies to you, but some people are seeing this affix for maybe the second time, ever).

the main issue with mythic+ is just experience. knowing what pulls you’re going to need your cooldowns for (including your trinket usage) are the true challenges imo. I am still learning some of these every single week - especially dungeons i run less often.

I know you’re not dealing with the pride creature at your keystone levels, but you’re probably getting a bunch of double pulls, on top of dealing with players making mistakes and taking dmg here and there…just takes getting used to :slight_smile:

also germination is going to slow you down on grievous weeks imo. and i would also consider a different legendary power for mythic+ healing :slight_smile: there’s a couple options which you’ll find benefit you better on weeks where you need some throughput.

good luck :smile:


Good info in this thread!

Thank you.

One thing I’ve noticed about grievous so far is that if you apply multiple hots so like if you recast rejuvenation twice on that target and they have three stacks of grievous it’ll actually take two of those stacks off or any kind of like initial healing will take a stack off But if you get them past 90% and one giant heel it’ll get rid of all the stacks completely
And stats do play a big role when it comes to druid healing so that is also something to take into consideration, some druids go haste and crit some go haste and mastery some go haste and versatility I don’t bother with crit to be honest so personally I find balance with going haste first and then mastery and versatility kind of being even if not somewhat on par, since versatility flat out increases the healing and mastery increases the amount of healing per hot you have on the target. There will be times where you won’t have a bunch of hots on the target so having a good bit amount of versatility would combat the mastery portion, and by that I mean you can have Just a single hot on a target and have it heal just as much or if anything the same as it would for having two on the same target

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I’m 208 when spec’d into Resto, also nothing top tier.

You should totally stick with Resto! There’s some good advice in here about how to improve your legendary/talent set up. Like, the first time I used Flourish I was shocked at how good it was. How had I not used this before?

I immediately shelved the double lifebloom legendary (even though it’s fine) because it was reassuring to me in a dungeon to have such a good AOE cooldown.

Sure, Resto isn’t S-tier for M+ anymore, and we get a little outshined in all content. But we’re absolutely solid and the more you pay attention to what actually gives you that oomph in M+, it will be easier. The HoT playstyle is fun but admittedly pretty dependent on tuning/borrowed power. Even still, Resto is the most fun I’ve had playing WoW.

I’d say: keep doing your research, keep practicing, and keep thinking why this good player plays X talent in Y situation or uses Z legendary in their keys. Over time, you’ll get the feel of why Flourish is often superior to Germination. Some things are easier to make good use of and pack a punch. Like, why choose the less effective and more difficult option when you could just pop Flourish once when you’re in trouble?


Aside from what the others have said, grievous is all about removing it quickly.

If you don’t pounce on it when it’s only at 1 or 2 stacks, you’re going to have a rough time. If the fight ends with people on 3-4, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Good dps and tanks can help a lot with grievous. Most specs have a way to either remove it from themselves or tread water while you top them.

Bad players will sit on their defensives while they have 4 grievous stacks, then blame the healer when they die.

But yeah, a lot of us were doing +10’s in the first couple weeks at like 185-190 ilvl, before all the quite significant dungeon nerfs. So the main problem is definitely a “you” issue.

Rdruid is struggling compared to a couple other healers in really high keys (20+), but it’s totally fine at your key level.

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