Healing is always overtuned even in Vanilla, and that is why Vanilla is so ez mode

its never healing, its mana regen. Healers should be able to oom and when they do it should be curtains for the sitar lady!

Lol such a lazy idea…

I remember when they did this in arenas on retail - blanket nerf to healing % rather than dealing with the underlying factors + class balance + pvp design.

It ended up being an embarrassing change by blizzard.

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Healing is also very well balanced in PVE. The problem is the fight duration are too short. Bosses should have more HP to compensate for this so healers have to be more selective with how they play. Raid wide damage should also be increased slightly.

I bet the fight duration would be higher if 90% of guilds weren’t stacking a bunch of world buffs that literally double raid dps.

Yes twink healers scale god mode in low level brackets. At 60 there is a reason very few solo que.


nah jk that ship has sailed, remove world buffs.


Because healers should be free kills in pvp!

It would be hilarious to see how fast healers insta die with your proposed 60% heal reduction on top of a warrior mortal strike or wound poison.

I’m glad you don’t design this game.

I’m not so sure about that last one considering only one healing class has a worthwhile/reliable AoE heal that isn’t faction-specific.

The issue isn’t a matter of damage or healing, it’s more the simplistic nature of Vanilla raid designs. Raids got better as mechanics evolved beyond simply damage.

Everything else that you said I agree with.