Healing is always overtuned even in Vanilla, and that is why Vanilla is so ez mode

Healing is just too strong in PvE and PvP. If healing was nerfed 60% just straight up 60% less healing, then the game would be balanced and fun.

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Damage is just to strong in PVE and PVP. My healers die in 2 hits. If damage was nerfed 60% just straight up 60% less damage, then the game would be balanced and fun.


You don’t know what you’re talking about. PVP in classic is all about bursting people down in 1 second or less. Healing is meaningless when you consider this is the pvp meta. I could also bring up the fact that mortal strike is very powerful debuff in vanilla. But that’s besides the point because the meta is all about bursting people down before they can even be healed at all.

If you’re talking about dueling that’s entirely different issue and not something the game should be balanced around.

Healing is also very well balanced in PVE. The problem is the fight duration are too short. Bosses should have more HP to compensate for this so healers have to be more selective with how they play. Raid wide damage should also be increased slightly.

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All I can tell you is wait till you deal with naxx healers speced for PvP, it’s actually rather amusing how immune to death they are.

Right now the OP is just flat wrong, but it changes soon.

Fun for who? Certainly not healers.


would be more fun for ppl who like to use their brain when playing games

Maybe healing is super strong in 39, but it’s certainly not at 60 at least at T2 gear level.

Even the best raid healing geared PvP spec healers cannot keep a rogue alive vs 2 warriors.

2 warriors will utterly demolish a healer. Hell a single combat daggers rogue will destroy a healer who does not get a peel.

Even ret Paladin with gear all be it rare can put holes in a healer right now so long as the gear and skill is equal.

The problem you have gotta be facing is either you’re in a low level PvP, or you are behind on gear.

Come naxx, it changes, but for now healing is right where it ought to be, it’s actually really good and the PvP is fun

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Healings nowhere near as busted as it is on retail.


2 warriors SHOULD demolish a healer, thats the point. And the only reason they can is because the healer will be CCed and interupted. If you have 2 warriors vs a healer who is not getting kicked or knockback or any CC, just free casting, then they wont die

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Are you mistaking the game with TBC? Healers are really not strong in this game. The only thing that comes to mind being ultra strong is a t3 holy paladin but even that one just dies to a person who does not get fakecasted and knows what they are doing.

I mean as a feral druid i guess i can understand, since you have no ms, no cc besides bash and no working interrupt (feral charge is a meme). But come on. Healers are a free kill for pretty much every dps class.

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Healers have brains. When they see what you want to do to them they will either quit, or reroll dps.

Speaking of games, they are supposed to be fun. I promise you that your suggestion is not fun for healers.


You can’t be serious. Two arms warriors can’t take down a healer? These are some trash warriors. I mean maybe a druid can escape to flee and heal, but even a good healer will flop over if arms warrior aren’t peeled. Mortal strike is a huge deal and arms warrior has strong burst. As for free casting… don’t let them free cast!? Healers are usually the #1 priority to kick and CC.

Knockbacks don’t exist in classic (at least not in pvp) so are you talking about retail? And if as Khlause said, you are talking about 39, warriors aren’t very strong in pvp until they get mortal strike at lvl 40.


Take away downranking and see how overtuned Classic healing becomes. Players are as efficient as possible these days and short of creating a mythic style of tuning for encounters, you won’t find a way to stress the best players.

Everything in pve is easy in vanilla but that’s more about how people choose to play the game. People go into raids with so many buffs that threat, hit points, dps, and yes healing is over tuned. In leveling dungeons people wait until they’re on the high side to do the dungeons when they are easy rather than trying to do them when they’re a little low for the dungeons. From my stand point people are choosing to play the game in easy mode. I find that boring but if that’s how they want to play it’s ok with me. I just wish there were more people willing to challenge themselves in the game. Especially by trying to do the dungeons as early as possible. It’s more fun and the gear drops are more useful then.

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Healing is fine, healers are strong but not crazy op. They cant just tank dps bit they should be standing somewhere that if a dps tried to get them they are focused and killed.

umm no lol.

Naxx geared melee will be 2 shotting everyone healers or not bud.

HP doesn’t scale but them melee weapons do. Warrior gunna be one shotting people legit. Rogues will be /dancing and 2 shotting people


I think you mistook what I was saying for something slightly different. They are not autopilot like later versions of wow, but at the same time a well played healer is insane, they can be if geared and spec’d properly very hard to kill even now 1v1, but its nothing compared to a well played naxx healer.

Mortal strike and wound poison there’s your way to nerf it.

after level 40 things start to balance out

This, naxx gear killed every battleground on every pservers I’ve been on. Even 2.5 is a massive jump, using alts or a new players nightmare.