Healing Elixir will be horrendous

Please don’t make it an auto use. It will make the ability useless in PvE and right now it’s by no means overpowered. I can only imagine the change is for PvP purposes. I don’t know a great change to make to it to balance it in PvP but maybe just scale the amount it heals down in PvP down?


Choice node would solve all the issues blizzard presented. If there is some secret reason they are doing it healing elixir is doomed.

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It used to be auto use. It wasnt bad then, why would it be bad now?

One less button? I take it thank you

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Because the top .1% of mistweavers who do use it say it will be bad. You know how they like to parrot what their queen says. Some of these people raging have never really used it.

Most of us never use expel harm OR Healing Elixir as MW, so it’s not even about button bloat. Were going to have the same amt of buttons to press once HE goes auto…assuming they come out with a change that makes expel harm useful to press it will balance out and those .1% of players who needed HE to “top off” will just be rebinding EH instead.

Nothing is really lost unless the changed/reworked Expel Harm is still useless to press. As it will basically be the “top off” button anyways and you save the talent point. With ST healing buffs it wont be as bad as the one person is saying. This doesnt even affect most of us.


Our queen? You’re insufferable, dude. But here: www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cAGDwW6Hd7PtRNQC#fight=1&type=casts&source=2

24 Neltharus, I used it 27 times.

23 Freehold, I used it 29 times.

Basically I’m using it a lot in every dungeon that I run. And I am NOWHERE CLOSE to .1%.


Pretty close actually.

2.8% of the pop running/ranking on raiderio are MW monk doing over 25’s. ( 5 different people )
4.4% of the pop running/ranking on raiderio are MW monk are doing over 20’s ( 2405 different MW/people )

That is assuming they all run Healing Elixir, which is doubtful.

Still wont affect many people. 1 of those 5 being your queen who is acting like this is the end of the world with her sad pouty face youtube clickbait video.


I was actually very disappointed when they made it a click use only. What I recall is you could click or it would automatically activate back in the day.

I can see for a WW that it kind of sucks because the spikey damage is garbage and they dont really have anything else to heal themselves with. So if you’re waiting til your 35% before using it when a big hit is coming on a higher key and your healer is derping out then you will probably die.

Good change tbh

Why not a choice node where people can choose to take it? Just because you dont want to press it you want others to be punished? Choice nodes were created for this exact situation.


You sure keep close tabs on me for not liking me! The video wasn’t “clickbait” and that’s the first time in a long time I’ve used my face in a thumbnail.

You’re welcome to your own contrarian opinions but it’s very clear why this change is detrimental for most players, and this personal issue you have me is pretty creepy, especially considering this is the first time I’m actually interacting with you. If you want to talk in DMs about a problem that’s fine but I think you’re just on here to be angry and loud.


Not really.

You look up one mistweaver video and they all show up. If I could avoid YouTube’s algorithm I would.

First of all: I never said the change was or wasn’t “detrimental”. Please don’t add words to things to try to push your agenda.

2: It literally doesn’t affect most people.
The type of “top off” you are talking about doesn’t happen till over higher than 20’s. Which again isnt:

If expel harm does the same thing after they change or buff it, it saves us a talent point. HE isn’t something most people need to or even run.

No one talked ab out HE or cared about it till you complained and your followers started parroting you. This is the issue with peak of serenity people, very loud minority pushing niche changes to benefit them, and then ignorant people parrot that information. Most of the people following you don’t even need it and probably don’t even use it.

The sad pouty face clickbait was pretty funny tbh. Especially for such a pointless change that doesnt affect most of the MW community.


Not to mention you guys literally bully other streamers and gang up on them. Poor Soomweaver is literally gone now.


This is like talking to a brick wall, not sure why I thought this would be constructive at all.

I explained it all in the original post about HE so you can go read that

Because it was a good button that needed 0 changes. Complaining about good things wouldn’t make much sense, would it lol

I think you’re severely underestimating the number of people who use it, considering I’ve seen maybe 3 people happy/indifferent to the change, and tons who are unhappy with it even prior to me making my opinion public. It’s not unique to 20s, and it’s technically more usable in lower keys since you’re not being 1 shot but I was just using my experiences to explain why it’s a bad change, and I explicitly said that it was not limited to the situations I listed.

I don’t know how to respond to this since you are so far into the echo chamber you don’t understand that the forums are actually more like what you’re describing than anything else. There is a small group of people here who disagree for the sake of disagreeing because they think it’s cool or something.

In Peaks (and other class discords) we make an effort to make sure people have the correct information about spec/performance etc. which is why you may think it’s “parroted” when in reality it’s just accurate info.

He was removed for being intentionally inflammatory, purposefully misleading, obnoxious, and later on was permanently removed for ban evasion. These are normal rules of public discords and I know Peaks was not the only class discord he was removed from for the same behavior.

Anyway, class changes aside, you may want to seek therapy for this parasocial thing you’ve got going on. There’s no way that’s healthy


I don’t understand the arguing here lol.

It is totally ok to have an opinion on a change that impacts your playstyle. Some are happy, some are not. No reason to throw insults. Goodness guys.

I am only a noob monk but I can totally see both sides and a choice node seems like a brilliant solution for all involved. I am a holy priest main and I would be super grumpy if my desperate prayer or something was made passive.


A choice node makes the most sense to me.

I also think healing elixir belongs in the class tree not the spec tree.

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You call Toixic a bully, and the proceed to do nothing but bully and slander. Irony?

You keep insisting on Peak of Serenity being some elitist hellhole, despite most of Soomweaver’s interractions in there was victimblaming and trying to bait responses that the person could cry about on youtube.
Soomweaver was in no way innocent, despite what you and the echochamber of certain members of this forum like to tell themselves.

The fun part is, for a while the “non-PoS” members of this forum has accused PoS of being a hostile, elitist community who only allowed certain playstyles to be mentioned, but the reality is that people like Vhalator (and the ones who likes his/her posts) are the most toxic and close-minded. members of this forum.

It’s getting really old to watch Toixic getting attacked every time she posts feedback by the Blood elf Priest and Kultiran Monk…


Lol, I haven’t attacked her directly. I didn’t even know who she was until a few weeks ago. I don’t care who she is, what level content she does or her opinions on the spec. Just as I suspect she doesn’t care about some random average players opinions on the spec. They don’t affect me and I don’t let others opinions on the spec decide what I find fun.

I have however, called out Peak and some of their members for being toxic by my own experience there and here in the forums. Agreeing with someone else does not equal attacking. I can disagree with the way they do things over there, their opinions and the way they treat people without that being attacking them.

Unless blizzard purges the talents and play style I enjoy I have no issues with anyone personally, then I’ll be having an opinion that could be considered attacking, but I sure as heck won’t bother to post it here.


Sure, disagreeing is and should never be a problem. But when you keep liking comments from someone who’s only agenda is to bully and bash people personally, it paints a picture. That is not behaviour you find in Peak, but only from the “renegades” who think they are mistunderstood freedom fighters.


Liking comments that have other stuff in it as well. I can agree with some of the things being said and not other parts.

I have seen behavior like that in Peak, it’s why I left the discord and never went back. They are not above acting in the same way you describe some of the people on the forums.

I don’t want to argue. I want to discuss MW and it’s varied talents and builds and help people to play what is most fun for them personally and that may not be what is most optimal.