Healers should switch to druid

Very simple. Blizzard is forcing folks who want to run mythic+ dungeons to use a Druid. If you’re struggling to keep your group switch to Druids. They’re OP every expansion.


rofl…what are you even talking about? We’re literally getting some pretty nice buffs, especially for m+, in 40ish minutes.

If you cant MW that is fine but don’t tell people what to do lol.


Nah bro. A 0.04% mana reduction in vivify healing is not a buff. You’re actually a pretty decent raider io score compared to most braindeads that would argue this. The test is simple. Right now, at this very moment, there is ONE monk in the top 200 healers on raider io. One. Four in the top 500! Think about that. And let’s chat next week after your so called buffs go live.

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You know there are other buffs…right?

There would be no point. You’re obviously upset and just here to vent. If you aren’t enjoying MW this is a good time to swap to one of the fotm specs.

The buffs to revival in m+, sheilun’s and Burst of life alone will be very nice in m+. It would be hard to not get a bunch of healing out of those and the lessons, it brings another CD to the spec and/or big healing burst cleave. Reduction to Yulon in raids is very nice, we can reliably use it more frequently now without losing as much mana. If the group is struggling people need to look at avoidable damage/interrupts/mechanics/gear/etc.

The thing is the spec has never been popular and the community gives it a bad name half of the time. Not to mention not all people like to dps on healers or be in melee - and there has been a huge focus around healers doing damage the forums, it all turns new people away from the spec when it’s not that bad, and because the guides/discord all being written by the same few people/streamers you dont see much variety. People think you need to only fey line/fistweave to be viable, and that is not true as someone pointed out before on these forums in another thread. Also anew dragon themed healer was just released, if monk wasnt so fun Id even trying that out. ( not to mention the spec is so overturned even sub par healers can pump out tons of healing )

The MW spec gets a bad rep and has a meh community and isn’t very noob friendly. Early tier lists didnt help either but with these buffs we will be in a much healthier spot in general. Also threads like yours don’t help at all… and you wonder why no one plays the spec., but I shouldn’t have replied at all and let it get burred. I was bored and they extended maintenance.

Im very excited for Sheilun’s in m+ and raids. It’ll be great. 100% revival in m+ too is :drooling_face:

I encourage you to swap if you arent having fun but dont act like we arent viable for all content ( +20 and mythic raiding ) It’s just never been a popular spec.


Man some of you are wild with your thinking. Do you live real life by measuring yourself against the top 500 of anything? Are you upset you don’t own a jet and billions of dollars? No? Why the hell care what class is in the top 500 then? Even if MW were broken and the only S tier class you still wouldn’t be parsing in top 500 anyway and even if you were WHO CARES IT’S A GAME

Such a huge distraction from actual problems with the class which are being made smaller as of 10.0.5. Don’t like it? Then play resto or pres and save yourself this insane self torture and stop looking at top 500 anything lol

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I think your optimistic attitude is great. And of course I read the patch notes. I’ve been playing mistweaver for a long time and understand the class pretty well. I have a higher io rating than you but I’m having a lot of trouble pushing further. Megasett has some great advice. As she points out, its not a matter of fistweaver vs caster. The class has always casted and now they’ve added some more support healing with the melee. Whatever. I’ll learn new mechanics --particularly if they’re viable. But they are not. Raider io stats do not lie my friend. And to come up with weird psycho thing about the population playing monk is a silly argument and irrelevant. It they were any good at all people would play them, end of story.

If I could turn my monk into a druid I would. That is the point of this post. So some poor suck doesn’t fall into the same multi-year trap that I did. If that offends you I apologize. It looks like you have a leveled Druid. Congrats.

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No thanks. I don’t FoTM reroll. I’ll stick to my mistweaver and keep climbing in my progression at my pace.


Still, they are buffing the MW and nerfing the Rdruid.
So… now just complain about the Prevokers, they will now dominate PvE with their high dps and healing.

It doesn’t really matter which healer is on the top. Unless you are playing at the very top, all healers are capable of pushing keys. I’m not gonna complain about preservation evoker, they are fun to play. Just like mistweaver is fun to play.


I think the meta only really applies to 22+ keys now.

10.0.5 has helped the throughput of some of the weaker healers such that they all have the ability to heal through the healing checks in all dungeons up to 22/23/24 Tyran keys.

It’s still early, but looking at Warcraftlogs top percentile of evokers are still pulling 30% more HPS than MWs (not talking about average here, specifically mentioning the HPS output potential)

they gave rdruid a slap on the wrist. itll still be way better than mw.

The shaman will be better than the Rdruid.
The dps they do is much better than the latter
The MW, pfff… apparently won’t have a chance

They are very much viable. So it must be a you issue.

No reason to re-roll if you like monk. We just got a 5-6% hps-in-raid buff with rapid diffusion changes (also gives value to dancing mists) and on top of that, plenty of new raid builds have opened up that are being tested right now.

For m+, sure druids and evokers are quite a bit stronger, but that shouldn’t affect almost the entire playerbase. Play what you enjoy

At this point I’m fairly certain these threads can be considered trolling. If you don’t like the spec just re-roll and don’t try to cause drama with the rest of the mistweaver community.

There is effective discussion over where mistweaver has issues in high keys or higher content.
Then there is purposefully inflammatory statements like the OP.


the only thing at this point that is going to get meaningful changes to monk is mass abandonment of the spec/class


Or it’ll tell them that ‘clearly resto druids need more development time since they have soo much higher engagement on metrics’.

As well as give them carte blanche for whatever kind of alterations they can think of on the abandoned class a la survival hunter.

healer has the worst engagement of all roles by far. Druids got minor tuning in response to how popular they are and evokers the same. And honestly at this point, a dps rework or some other full rework would be welcome to me for mw if they arent dedicated to making the spec work properly.

That doesn’t matter when the engagement metric at play is for healers specifically.

Because they didn’t really need anything, yet people were still apoplectic over the attention.

Cool, I don’t care about your belief on that.