Healers in shadowlands

I been trying to choose something to Main and It would likely be a good decision for me to base that off of having a heal spec, I mostly played Hpal but a lot of ppl saying they feel clunky and lame with the holy power thing, also ret is not a very appealing or popular spec imo. Rdruid is usually a good healer but i dont really care for boomkin or feral. Shadow is apparently in a troubled position once again so priest is kinda off the table. WW scales poorly apparently and I do not like MW healing. So basically my only choice left is shaman, I didn’t mind resto shaman when i tried it a bit in legion, how is resto shaman looking in shadowlands and ele/enh?

ele is super trash feeling per multiple testers. enhance feels ok but sham is mediocre overall in pvp and pve holy pal and holy priest look like the clear winners on paper

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