Healers in Ranked Solo Que - endless 3-3 matches with no rating

The current MMR for healers in solo que is terrible,

People are going to say: “why should a healer get points for going 3-3” need to answer… How does a dps that goes 2-4 get points??? … the mmr for healers is not right and I hope they stop queing to increase the time for dps till it is fixed!

If I go 4-2 the amount of points is still not worth it,


The same way anybody does; winning at a cr below their mmr.

I’ve gone 1-5 for like 15 points or something , and of course if you’re super low you can get 96 points.

Ohhh yaaa Kennie is this right? Do you have the answer to this question? Can you explain this screenshot? Ret’s new rating is 2260 - gained 21 points at 2177 mmr rating… Only winning 2/6 games

Look forward to your answer? Maybe I am just reading this wrong?

Dps are all 2290 mmr.

how is this still hard to understand???

There’s no point in even understanding, it doesn’t influence anything. You play the same.

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Both of your responses does not address the issue…

They gained points for going 2-6 at 2286 mmr, I win 3 games in a lobby with the majority of mmr 2250+ yet, I win 3 games in this lobby, my CR is 100 rating less and I get 0 points.

Your response explain nothing… Explain to me why I am in a higher mmr lobby that averages to higher than my CR and win 3 games… yet I get no points…

“Well you are vs the other healer” - that is not true… I am vs every other player… You response of “how is this still hard to understand” that is why I am explaining healer mmr is not right.


No, but I think they explain it.

Yes. Cris is 2239 CR at roughly 2290 mmr, goes 2-4 for 21 points.

Because you’re paired with the other healer.

No, healers effectively 1v1 each other for mmr, at least at last check.

It just needs to show the ending MMR(MMV) on the score screen with the change versus your starting in parenthesis.

Healer MMR is it’s separate issue but it would stop people making threads like this that have an obvious answer but are too slow to see it.

No amount of transparency will do this.


rating isnt a currency its not something that you earn from doing the content

Healer MMR is not a separate issue - it is the purpose of every thread including this one… I am placed in a lobby where everyone’s mmr is 100+ than mine except the healer, dps win 2 games and get points… I go 3 and 3 and get no points even though the lobby mmr average is higher than my cr.

How can you say healers “effectively” 1v1 each other, are there not 4 other players involved in an arena match other than healers? Was unaware if a healer wins it is “EFFECTIVELY” due to which healer is better on a 1v1 basis. << that is the exact issue. Yet, you avoid it the issue because “it explains it” … which it does not.

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Because the core issue is not addressed… You want to avoid addressing the issue.

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I won more games than someone who has a higher CR than me… Please explain to me how it is not a currency and yet someone who wins 2 games gets free points that has a higher cr…

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What do you perceive to be the issue?

I am placed in a lobby where everyone’s mmr is 100+ than mine except the healer, dps win 2 games and get points even thought their CR AND MMR is higher than mine by 100+ points… I go 3 and 3 and get no points even though the lobby mmr average is higher than my cr and mmr…

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No, you’re at a flat/even mmr because you’re compared to the other healer and not the dps. This allows 2000 healers to be placed in 1700 lobbies without resulting in extreme point loss regardless of outcome, etc, etc.

Note your role average matchmaking value.

If this is something you’d prefer to avoid acknowledging then I’m not sure if I’m able to be of further assistance.

And that happens because your MMR compared to the dps MMR is irrelevant

You went 3-3 against a healer of similar MMR while your CR/MMR were roughly the same

You got zero points- that’s literally the system working

Everyone’s cr and Mmr dont matter to you, if you are a healer only the other healers cr/mmr matters as far as your rating gained/lost.

If you are a dps the healers cr/mmr have no effect on the amount of rating you win or lose.

Like, you’re 2177. The other healer is 2178. You both go 3-3, you both get no rating adjustment. This is expected. If you were a few more points apart then there’s a chance one of you would’ve gotten, like <5 cr/mmr from the other fellow despite going 3-3.