Healers Get Shorter Trinket CD

Oh ok I’m playing around 1800 so if a DPS ever stops that combo in shuffle I’m impressed

Sure, positioning yourself better would prevent a lot of that as well. Also, win conditions and balance shouldn’t be and aren’t discussed around lower shuffle or rated 3s games.

You’ll also find some experienced players conceding that people being expected to deal with the healing experience being dogwater isn’t necessarily fair, and that they may be wrong

I mean yeah I don’t expect people to die in early fame against a demo lock for the exact reasons that you said. Dampening is when the micro cc dump every dr into the healer bs becomes legitimately frustrating to the point where I think it’s an issue.

I agree that the healer xp is not fun atm, CC is not the reasoning imo. CC has been nerfed more now then ever before and healers have had more fun in previous expansions where CC was even more prevalent (MoP is a great example).

Yea I agree, I think that is a dampening issue not a CC issue.

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Honestly they should just get rid of micro cc and precog.

Also dr’s need to be adjusted for poly/stun/fear.

Rogues just spamming kidney into cheap, cheap shot, cheap shot, coil, fear whatever else they can dr is annoying af.

It’s so hilarious the amounts of time ill push in to cc the other healer and a dps feeds precog to him. It gets super tilting.

I guess it would be interesting to see the average time healers spend in CCs in various seasons/expansions.

I don’t know if anyone (besides Blizzard) has that sort of data.

Blizzard doesn’t even have leaderboards or what CR people achieved in various seasons. :dracthyr_lulmao:

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Major Pog :slight_smile:

This isn’t mop where hoj has a 30 yard range. Hoj is pretty much melee range

You can definitely avoid it.

Shamans can pre ground pre ghost wolf the hoj (so they can’t be repped or even static field the hpal running at them . Rdruids can pre tranq the hoj or pre bear form so they can’t get repped.

Monks can just port the rep or teetotal immune the rep while in a hoj or just rop the hpal/incap the hpal running at them for a hoj anyways.

Other Hpals can just pre sac so the rep will insta break.

Pevokers can pre fly the hoj or reapply nullying shroud as the pally is looking for cc

Hpriests and discs can pre fade the hoj and hpriests can just chas fear the Hpal from 30 yards before they can even get there.

Landing 9 of them definitely is lol.

The game just isnt currently designed to allow a hoj repent to win the game.

The thing is you should as a healer have to use a cd to push for that game winning cc chain or you have what happens now where I shadow meld a hoj and the pallies friends are still full hp because healing is setup that way.

If you want cc to matter then if you miss the cc it needs to put you behind whenever I have had a heal off with hpals/hpriest and mistweavers they just run at me all game because they have enough instants to do that.

I probably would of been more of a fan of them giving healer trinket like a 3 second cc immunity after trinket rather than a 90 sec cd

Ok I did tranq a hoj the other day and felt pretty good

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Hands down is one of the worst changes they’ve done in history of pvp. cc and outplaying enemies should be rewarding. Not only play around a mana bar and pve. healers just gonna spam trinket bcuz nothing matters anymore, nice change to make the game even more braindead.

Healers had 2 min trinket for 15 years no reason to change it ever


Non sequitur

Basing PVP dynamics off structure created in 2004 and not progressing past this is part of the reason we are in this situation

As someone that’s almost exclusively healed I can without a doubt tell you this change is pure garbage to cater to bad players.

Pushing for CC that is meaningful and wins games and avoiding CC / rotating well is what makes WoW arena fun. Just because you don’t know how to outplay CC / avoid / trade well and instantly lose every game to CC doesn’t mean it’s unheallthy for the game.

One of the better game I ever played was like a 6 min game against a RM @ like 2.7 mmr in shadowlands. We rotated perfectly every go and played out of our minds and it was the most fun to this day i’ve ever had. Rogue mage is disgusting but when you pre go after go or rotate trinkets well / position in ways to make it hard for htem to get goes and win in damp like that is what the game is about.

Standing AFK 40 yards away and healing with no incentive to push for CC because it won’t matter makes the game way more boring. Not having to position properly / know how and when to play defensive because you could lose soon to CC vs knowing how and when to push for CC becasue you can win soon is literally the thing that separates bad players from good ones and you guys think we should remove this from the game?

Literally everyone can execute damage rotations. Mechanical skills in understanding button value is the most rudimentary aspect of this game. The real gap between good and bad players is being able to do this while also having the awareness to understand how and when they or their teammates can die in the next 20-30 seconds and knowing how to prevent that from happening before it happens, and you guys want to remove that like I don’t understand

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Actually changing very fundamental things that were part of that structure is a huge reason why we’re in this situation.

If we’re basing how the game should be in 2023 off 2004 mechanics, this game is never moving forward. Not saying I agree with the trinket change but if peoples gripe with it is “it’s been like this for 20 yrs.”, yikes