Healers Get Shorter Trinket CD

i mean you’ll still have frustrating losses, you’ll just be oom instead of being caught in possibly avoidable cc

im just gonna unbind sweep and trap from all my toons at this rate
all of the cc buttons, actually


No, that would kill the game.

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No, just arena.

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On one hand I’m glad they are experimenting with different changes. But only if they realize what changes are good and what are bad. Implement this, but remove the cc and kick duration nerfs. But there’s no sign of them doing that.


70% of games just coming down to who goes oom around min 5-10 now its going to be 99% :smiley:


Cool now fix healer mmr in SS


These are the changes they should’ve been making instead of baseline Precog

This game is actually so bad I can’t lmao, rogue aoe kidney, assass TOD at 35% and this. At least revert the CC/kick changes holy frick.

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It’ll desync the trinket and blind. Tbh, I’ll probably use the trinket again and then be helpless during the second blind.

Not this way. Th cc changes cater to pve types that can’t be bothered to line cc or pay attention to positions.

It’s a bad idea compounded by bad individual healer tuning. That’s what needs to get fixed, not adding arbitrary cc outs when every healer has Aura master plus immunity frame abilities that last for far longer than a second, and most have abilities they can use in a stun already.

Individual changes for individual specs please.

Not trying to give you a hard time I’m just super pissed about the spriest changes. Team gutted Surge/Mass Dispel.

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This is just another useless band-aid fix, the problem is spammable CC, not trinket CD.

This seems like a good change to help healers out.

They are struggling and it’s frustrating to not be able to play the game.

Why are some of you guys so pressed about this?

With the amount of cc and micro cc in game and the fact that lower to mid range dps can’t or won’t kick or stun to stop cc chains I can agree with this change.

Lop no it’s not.

Maybe not strictly spammable cc alone, but every spec having access to multiple DRs along with several having spammable cc has been one of my biggest frustrations as a healer

Yea sure, most in experienced players think that CC is a problem when a lack of CC turns the game into a boring pve damp fest. Would rather stay away from that.


Do you play a healer or are you just being difficult

Frankly, after picking up healing right now in today’s damage meta, I wouldn’t want to keep going without reduced CD on trinket. It’s not fun as heals right now in some matches. Spend way too much time CC’d.

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You’re highest healer is 1700 in shuffle, not an insult just an observation, I don’t see what I have said is wrong. In experienced players think that CC is a problem and don’t realize that a lack of CC means huge dampening and pve’n down targets. I do not want that play style.