Healer LF Guild

Hi everyone!

I’m currently in the market for a new guild. I’m hoping to find a group of players who are open to helping me transition into doing more mythic dungeons and raids. I am primarly a healer but I do occassionally DPS on a variety of alts. I have a pretty lengthy history of PvPing on this account but I would like to focus a bit more on PvE content. I have level 120 healers of every class so I am by no means new to healing or the game - but I am new to trying to take this game a little bit more seriously. I am very coachable and take direction well. I’d love to find a group of like-minded people who are willing to show me the ropes so that I can derive a little bit more enjoyment from WoW.

You can see the armory for this character here. My other healers all have an ilvl around 400. Every single healer is Alliance side with the exception of a restoration shaman that I would always faction change should a guild request that.

Thank you for your consideration!

STICKERS is recruiting, we are 3/8M and are a top raiding guild as well as the best community on the server. shytpan#1232 or belliun#1499

I’ll shoot you a message next time I’m on!