Healer incentives forgotten

How are those queues doing? Should be increasing any moment now :rofl:


ill keep saying it.

the only incentive that’ll work is making healing not a nightmare for mid range players.

so long as that is still a nightmare people will not q.

“you’re so bad, healer”

the melee says as they die running out of los with a defensive available for use


Remove dampening changes and you’ll see 10,000 more new healers pop up.


Wait. When did they say they would incentivize healing? Was that a blue post? I must have missed it.

30 minute matches, THE MOVIE!


Tbh healers either need to just play, or don’t. I don’t want to be incentivized to play content I don’t feel like playing. I want to play because the experience is enjoyable. If Blizzard wants to design a game around a role being necessary, they should put equal effort into making the gameplay for that role engaging.

Letting Blizzard add some trinket tangible enough for me to say ‘game sucks, but that’s a cool doo-dad’ isn’t going to help anyone in the bigger picture. People dying through walls, getting 70-0’d before you can react, a galaxy of micro CC, not being able to kite Assa without a team dropping what they’re doing and coming to the rescue, DK’s making themselves invulnerable gripping your entire team and pressing 1 button that cleaves your team down, etc. etc. etc.

These sorts of mechanics require team work, and you just don’t get it in RSS. And even in pre-arranged arena 3v3 feels like ramming your arm in a wood chipper. Arena is supposed to be about people out-smarting the other team, not random player W key fests.

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It’s been a “foremost concern” since Jan 6th :dracthyr_hehe:

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Wow… I thought that this was a joke or something. I mean, it is a joke, but not the type I thought it was :upside_down_face:

I do think it’s a bottleneck. But I imagine if more healers participated then the amount of DPS would also increase. People like me that play healer to avoid long queues would maybe start playing a damage role.

Tldr; queues will stay long

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Legit wish that little minigame once every 10 Q´s; would insta start healing again.

My last couple of queues have all been like 5-9 minutes. Idk if I’m lucky or the wonky healer mmr being thrown into games no where near the lobby mmr is what’s causing this.

Indeed hahahahah