HEALER [472ilvl] LF Mythic Raid (Druid,sham,priest multiclass see inside)

Hello all! I am a long time WoW player who has healed higher level content as far back as Cataclysm and have three pretty raid-ready healers right now for 8.3 content! My current guild has dispersed after finishing Heroic AotC and quit the game. I still have a desire to play and also wish to keep playing and enter Mythic Raid for the first time this tier, and always looking for new friends and healthly atmosphere.

Bnet: Kiwilemonade#11734
Disc: Kiwilemonade#5334

I have many classes this expac/tier and they are as follows:
Current Main: 472 Resto Druid: Kiwilimes-Stormrage
Alts: 460 Disc/Holy Priest: Kiwilemonade-Stormrage
462 Resto Shaman: Kiwifresher-Stormrage

Logs for all of the above:
I have current logs for many heroic level bosses on all three characters above on Warcraft Logs. I cannot post links but encourage you to look me up yourselves if you need to evaluate my performance and accept any questions.

No mythic exp for this expac due to work constraints in past year. I raided mythic most heavily in Legion and somewhat in WoD.

Okay, boring numbers stuff aside. Who am I personally?
As said, I have healed for a long time now, and dabbled in Mythic raiding wherever I could. For this expansion, I mained Resto Druid, and for the others; Cata-Priest, MoP-Monk, WoD-Shaman, Legion-Hpal. I plan to see just how far I can get with a guild in Mythic before Shadowlands, where I will likely change up mains again.
I am American but currently live in Hawaii, so I can/do play on both US and OCE realms and don’t have horrible ping on either. 18+, Drama-free, and amidst the coronavirus scare, currently have no commitments in terms of time/week so can raid often. Love running non-raid things as well: PvP, M+, the lot. Also enjoy playing League, MTGO, HotS, and more and looking for friends there too!

All I really seek in a guild is a friendly atmosphere that does seek to push higher, mythic content even if its not to the most hardcore of levels. Thank you for taking the time to read all/any of this and hope to hear from you soon and trial or run something with you and meet new faces! Also I was already wanting to switch to Horde, so that is a non-issue as I will likely be doing that shortly, this is mostly for server change/guild join.

Extra Note: I also play dps offspec, from time to time but I don’t quite enjoy it as much. I will also only dps on Druid/Shaman as Balance/Ele characters. I cannot play nor can I even stand the Shadow Priest spec in its current state and will not play it.