Headless Horseman and the Hallow's End event

I like this. :dracthyr_heart:


Does this apply to Arfus’ drop rate as well? And is the bonus loot to the boss loot or from the pumpkin bag? And does activating the curses on your second/third/192212 try of the day also affect the loot, or is it only the first time?

I have to say, this whole extra chance of loot is woefully confusing, plus now with the curses and the information Blizzard themselves applied feel only half of the information after reading your reply.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that it would’ve been healthier and more respected of our time if the new pet was also added to the vendor for those candies, so we could also decide to farm for it, you could of course increase the candy needed to buy Arfus to make farming it more interesting, but the option there would’ve been very appreciated.


Do you mean first kill of the day on your account?

Another L design doing curses stuff.

That’s how it was for the X-45.

Clarification on how often a day curses affect loot for subsequent runs is required as well as if Arfus and the Drake Watch Script are also affected.

It’s extremely confusing when they give out a cryptic “special hard mode that includes Wicker Curses to slightly improve your odds of receiving some sought-after rewards.”

There needs to be more clarity when changes like this are made or added.


I tanked it just fine earlier today and didn’t see this issue. Did you die? Dying also fails the challenge, but you may not be made completely aware of it because the curses act as a cheat-death in such event.
See this spell:

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This is what I wanna know. I don’t mind doing curses once a day buit doing it on all of my toons would be horrible.

Also, the queue is horribly broken right now. Some of my friends are 30+ minutes in queue, and others are getting in instantly.


Rich coming from a goblin: “Selling HH mount 100k or 1 wow token”

so you’re giving the A ok on screaming profanity? SHAWEET!

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My queue was fine only an hour or two ago. Now, not so much. Something definitely changed.

How do you apply the curse? Is there something you supposed to click?

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As soon as you zone in, there will be a set of five wickermen to your left. Talking to the big one lets you apply all four curses at once; otherwise you can talk to the smaller ones to apply them individually. I’d recommend just going all-in since it isn’t too difficult.


Quick question for those who have done it. How bad are the curses? I ask cause my mom loves the game. She 74. Should I bring a premade group of friends or can she do this in a random que? Thank you for any info.

I did it on my Druid tank. It wasn’t too bad for me in a PUG, but others’ mileage may vary.


Thank you very much.

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its just a bunch of ground stuff to avoid and a spread mechanic


It was amazingly easy with 4 curses. The challenge is getting 4 curses applied before somebody starts the boss.


Ah cool. She’s caster so she can stand at a distance lol!!

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Ah yes the go, go, go. I’ll try it rando and if not get a group so she can get it. Just for the cheevo anyway.

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