Headless Horseman and the Hallow's End event

LOL I run my first 4 lvl 70’s though that don’t need ring updates at all…they all get drop of the ring…ok fine…5th toon I run that could use a ring upgrade…nope no ring drop LOL…

The wicker men inside the instance. You accept a debuff from them. There’s 4 or 5 total. Beat him with all the debuffs on you.

I got the mount first kill for the account.

Assume it’s something everyone will have shortly now.

The Blizzard curse.

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There were plenty of people reporting they got it on subsequent kills on alts. It’s believe to be a higher chance on your first kill, however.

Noooo, please don’t. I prefer to open my pumpkin in nice, quiet solace where I can’t see anyone complain or rip my head off (pun intended) if I got something worthwhile.


Yes, and the first drop of the day receives a bonus likelihood that scales with the number of curses you apply.


Do each individual person have to apply the curse? Or can one person apply it for everyone?

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Hello Kaivax, question about the Scarlet Key as there seems to have been a hotfix in the old Library Instance (Doan’s Strongbox no longer spawning for additional keys).

Is it planned for the old Scarlet Monastery instances to be available for only those who participated in the Hallows End event? Or is there a plan for the old SM to be available to unlock year round?

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So if you fail the curses on Character 1, but succeed at curses on Character 2, does Character 2 get a bonus?

Never got the big deal with the mount.


The big deal is the small drop


A big deal for a small drop for a kinda average mount. :man_shrugging:

Except the average mounts we have

You apply the curses to yourself to make it harder for yourself. The rest of the group can opt in and out of them independantly.


Does this also apply to the Drake watch script and the Arfus pet?


According to wowhead, you can help friends with your key, so assumingly it’s available year round if you find someone with the key.

What about when the wicker curses drop off mid-fight because you are the tank? Could we please get this fixed?

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Thats what was hotfixed out earlier…

the problem with the key drop is that the chest dont respawn after you send the key to an alt or run an alt through